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Which Follower With a This?

No-one huh?

The funny thing is Brownells recommends the Mossberg-specific NC follower, but they don't sell it!!! There's logic for ya!
I'm not sure why any 12G follower would not work.
I was told that the factory follower doesn't like the joint between the stock magazine tube and the NC extension tube, and that because of this I needed a follower that is more rounded so that it doesn't stick at the joint..
I think most will work just find. @OR3GUN makes one, GG&G, all should work with extended magazine tubes. NC is one of the better extension tube manufacturers for the Mossberg, there should not be much transitional edge for the follower to catch on.

I do not use an extended magazine myself but I have used the OR3GUN follower and the GG&G followers with no issues.

There are a lot of guys here that use extensions, not sure why they havent offered up some suggestions.
Followers are one of those pesky gray areas in export. They are considered part of the magazine, which make them more complicated to export out of the US. That said, magazine tube extensions are supposed to be in the same category, so Brownell's should be able to sell the Nordic version, unless they are sourcing ones make in the UK. The Nordic is the widest follower at 0.908", while the factory lives at about 0.905", but has a sharp 90" angle where it needs to transition. If you can find more specs on the ones they do carry, this would give you some idea of your options.