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BUIS: Back-Up Iron Sights

I don't know they look sloppily made to me and the small peep looks like crap in the pictures.

Back up sights are your go to , for sure, going to work when everything has failed sights.
Save your money and buy a proper set.
Also one of the few reasons I do not like the Magpul and all the Magpul knock offs if the front sight wings.
If they are just straight like that it isn't as intuitive for your minds eye to center the front post in the rear peep, Magpul cants them in a little trying to get the HK effect but sucky.
Not only do they protect the front post, they flare out so your eye/brain naturally wants to put them in the widest part of the peep....it happens without trying.
The other option I like and would accept it the round front sight protection aka HK style front sight. You brain wants to center a circle in a circle without your thinking about doing it as well.

the plastic vs. metal is just my personal opinion, the shape of the front sight is a scientific fact.
Shooting at the range......most ninjas don't have a problem but fast acquisition , moving targets and stress the proper sights are faster and more natural in the eye brain relationship
While I own a set of HK Diopter sights that came installed on my Mp5, I really do not care for them. Matter of fact, I don't ever use them because they were "too crowded" and installed a rail and an Eotech Holosight on it.

I know that everyone is different and has different opinions and preferences about everything, but for fast acquisition, it is hard to beat plain sights like a front bead on a shotgun or the way a set of pistol sights are designed. Just totally open and out there where they need to be. No brain teasers trying to place circles within circles... just "there it is" bang.

For longer distance precision, something like the AR or MP5 obviously comes to mind and a medium that I think is a good compromise is an open rear and enclosed front sight like the SKS or AK.
they all require a proper sight picture, no iron sight is a guarantee. Lots of people struggle with bead and pistol sights.
Beads and pistol actually require the shooter to intimately know the firearm and where it hits because they are usually non or limited adjustment so a person has to spend time with a weapon to figure out where it likes to be held.
I would bet a person picking up a strange weapon for the first time would likely hit the first shot way better with M4 sights than a bead or pistol sight

I think more people are more familiar with pistol or open type sights. If for no other reason than they've been around forever.

And yes, they are often "fixed" or at least not easily adjustable, but really, the same can be said for different type of sights.

I could zero a weapon for myself, someone else can pick it up and while will usually get everyone on paper, does not guarantee a bullseye for everyone that picks up the gun either. That's why you zero your gun so it "fits" you. Regardless of what type of sight you use.

But my earlier post was what works for speed, not necessarily winning the precision Olympic gold medal because surely the AR is a better sight for precision placement, but with any weapon a person has to spend some time with it to figure out the strengths and weaknesses. (like shooting an AR up close, you will shoot well below the point of aim for example.)

My reasoning that open type sights are faster (especially at normal plinking or HD/SD distances) is they're less complicated and "busy" and I suppose more "familiar" for a lack of better description.
rdm76mav88 said:
No offense to the magpul fans but I was trying to avoid using their stuff but if theres no other choice I will.
That's what it boils down to, just get the best you can afford. If you can wait a little save some coin, if not do the best you can.

I too avoid Magpul but if I had too I would use their overhyped products
the set I shot with on a buds rifle were over adjusted to the left to hit and the package said "not for carbine use".....not sure why but doesn't matter to me I don't like it.

Have you considered fixed sights?, little cheaper

What are you running for a primary sight ?
I'm not sure about primary sight yet? I like the red dots from primary arms might go that route? Direction is unknown at this point I'm buying my stripped upper next month then I srart pircing the parts for that!
I thought if I built it I'd understand it more! I saw a nice set from A.R.M.S. 71L or something like thst looking for pros and cons thanks for all the comments so far! I cant really spend alot alot just looking for a good deal on some decent sights!
yeah, I sure did learn all about it doing mine and have helped others do theirs since and fixed some too since I've built mine

Thanks JohnA it was definitely the way to go !
No thanks necessary Oli. Glad you enjoyed it, though I really thought that you would. :)
rdm76mav88 said:

Am I thinking to cheap here? No offense to the magpul fans but I was trying to avoid using their stuff but if theres no other choice I will.

I'm not sure if I'd go that cheap...Palmetto State Armory for $69.95
rdm76mav88 said:

Am I thinking to cheap here? No offense to the magpul fans but I was trying to avoid using their stuff but if theres no other choice I will.

Magpul rear sight came with one of my rifles and I figured I'd replace it. But it works perfectly so I never got around to it and now have no interest in replacing it. I'd probably save up an extra $50-60 and buy a Troy if I was building a new rifle but the Magpul rear sight is good to go in my experience.
oli700 said:
...the set I shot with on a buds rifle were over adjusted to the left to hit and the package said "not for carbine use".....not sure why but doesn't matter to me I don't like

I've seen rear sights far left and right on a lot more expensive sights than Magpul. Usually it's due to a problem with their front sight or gas block. Sometimes even an improperly mounted barrel.

I'd have to see a "not for carbine use" to believe that. They're essentially only for carbine use. I've seen stranger things though so I guess it wouldn't surprise me.
maybe they were knock off's .....they seemed extra cheesy

ETA : This is the only refrence I can find for that, a review from MidwayUSA

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Not so much for your carbine.

By Marc the gunner

from Detroit, MI

About Me Beginner

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Quality of construction is great for the price. On the packaging it say's "not for use with carbine rifles."
I'm assuming this is due to the amount of bullet drop you'll get with a carbine in the first hundred yards.
Wish they would make that a little more clear in the description before you buy it.
I have the front and rear sight on my 9mm carbine and they're still accurate enough for my needs.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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oli700 said:
maybe they were knock off's .....they seemed extra cheesy

I didn't even think about that. I bet you're right. There are a lot of imitation parts out there designed specifically for airsoft users. Some of it is even built under license so they have the correct markings and brand logos on them. I got halfway through a review on YouTube for a Noveske NSR before I realized it wasn't a real NSR.

The back of the package on the real Magpul sight says it's designed specifically for AR15/M16 type rifles.

I'm switching to a low profile gas block and a free float on my rifle that currently has a Magpul rear sight on it but I think I'm going with a Troy folder up front. The front end seems to get knocked around more I just feel more secure with metal up front. It's probably a little paranoia on my part.
I may be a little late getting in on this, I'm still catching up on some stuff! :D

On the Magpul MBUS, I used the rear on my carbine. I had mine adjusted right of center but I attribute this to when I replaced the gas block, which was the ARMS folding A2 which I'll get to in a moment.

When I replaced the gas block I didnt use a vice or anything to line everything up, I just eyeballed everything. Once I got the rifle sighted in it hit dead center every time, no problem hitting a 2 x 4 at 80+ yards and when my elevation was off I was still splitting the center line on my targets. So never a problem with shift or with the design not being solid enough. I only had about two thousand rounds through it though. I would have no problem using another MBUS rear and have recommended them on occasion especially where a budget is a concern.

Someone asked about the ARMS sights too? I had the ARMS folding A2, EXCELLENT! If I was to do it again and I was going to spend more for a rear sight, I def go for the ARMS based on experience with the front. Heck, I even had my sling on the front post and used the sling to support my hold which is kind of old fashioned in this age of free floated forends and keymod or picatinny rail attachments for QD sling points.

I'm not and extremely experienced shooter, but my set up worked, it held zero and was more sophisticated than myself.

Another thought on the MBUS rear, it is indeed a rather low profile and laid down out of the way very well when using the red dot. And one more thing, I had looked into getting the tritium front post and rear diopter replacements for both sights. They exist and can be had even for the Magpul rear and still cost less than the Troy or any other for that matter. (Nothing against Troy)

I'm not entirely a Magpul fanboy, but I do like the stuff and as opposed to something's that command a mint based on name alone, I feel there's something to the hype.
I tried a set of Arms flip sights this week.


Mostly because the Arms company was the very first company to offer a flip up sight, and I have always gotten what I paid for when it comes to their aluminum sights, but the plastic #71 front/rear were total CRAP!!! The plastic was so flimsy that you could twist it by hand enough to change your zero.

I went back to the CAA front and Magpul rear flip sight on the SKS bullpup and I have a brand new front/rear set of CAA for the new machinegun upper that should be here in the next week or so.

I also did not particularly care for the Troy DOA apertures either.
Sucks that they put their name on something that bad.

I've always heard great things about ARMS products, but stuff like this can really hurt a company's reputation...