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Fiber Optic Sights

Anybody got any links of this bead sight for a 590 because amazon won't ship to Malta (Europe) and I can't find any on ebay.

Thanks for your help.
I believe OpticsPlanet.com ships international...


They have a variety of bead sights from several manufacturers. Just look for something with a 5/40 thread and you'll be good to go...
These are the sights I rely on, on every shotgun I own. They are dual core fibers, so that one of the two will stand out in various light conditions as you swing.

Limbsaver Dead Center sights.
Thanks. When swinging on ducks, they may be in the open sky, where the dark center highlights. When the backdrop turns into darker shades like trees, etc, the bright outer band will then instantly take over, and I never lose my lock
My daughter uses a dual color fiber optic 3 dot set from TruGlo on her 24" vent rib .410 500!

After lots of target practice and patterning, she hit the very first quail she ever saw flush!

She loves the dual color and wont go without now!
There ia a mini version that screws in, as well as a Turkey/Slug model with an adjustable rear sight. They are real sleepers on the market. I'm with ya, I'll never go back!

Yep! Hers is the Ultimate Turkey with adjustable rear! She does great with everything from game loads to 00 and 000 buck!!!

I've never before seen the Limbsaver FO's. I dont get out to the big stores much though...
Gander Mtn has the Adjustable ones and the Regular. The others are a little more tricky to find. Dick's Sporting Goods has them sometimes, but other than that, mom n pop shops are where I spend a lot of time showing them during seminars and such. Check em out if you are ever in the market for new sights. The prices are amazingly low for an all metal product, minus the fibers.
Definitely! I'm gonna be in the market for a 24" VR 930 eventually so addin FO"s are part of the plan! :D
For HD applications you'd be much better off with a simple tritium front bead.

Fiber optics need light to glow, so they won't help you at all in the dark. Also, lining up ghost rings takes far more time and concentration than simply putting a bead on target.

In a situation where seconds could mean the difference between life and death, simplicity and speed on target are key considerations...
Mossberg uses a 5-40 thread, so that one won't fit.

Also, this is a replacement for a standard bead, so if you have an SPX it won't work. The LPA fiber optic will give you increased visibility outdoors, but doesn't have much advantage at night. Not sure if they make a tritium replacement for the LPA front sight...
MikeD said:
I've got a set of Williams Fire Sights on a turkey/deer barrel for my 500c (22" Vent Rib) and I've got a set of magnetic Tru-Glo's that I used on my 930 when I got my last turkey with it. I'll try to post some pictures.
I love my Williams universal rib sights on my 930 turkey - some know that I've had various optics on the gun in the past but the Williams Firesights are really versatile and do everything "well" - in competition I've had all variety of shots including clays on fly and a versatile sight is a must. They keep me in my class as well.