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Fiber Optic Sights

I have very slowly been building my 930 turkey as my 'one gun for everything' shotgun. I must have read hundreds of threads in various forums on the best sighting systems and Tru Glo's Pro Magnum Gobble Dot has over and over has been the one most often said to be the best. I think Mr Gates of Dixie Slugs recommendation of the Tru Glo's decided it for me.Today I finaly installed a set! They really ARE bright and more importantly the sight picture looks sharp.I have boxes of 8 different foster slugs I have been putting away just waiting to get this sight on my gun.In the same order from Optic Planet I have a Carlson rifled choke tube. Bruises come tomorrow!
Looks like you've put together a great set-up.

Have fun out there and we're looking forward to your range report...
These are the sights I rely on, on every shotgun I own. They are dual core fibers, so that one of the two will stand out in various light conditions as you swing.

Limbsaver Dead Center sights.
Is that sight magnetic, glued on or screwed on???

Definitely looks practical.