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I did a little work on my savage 25 tonight

I had been watching for a decent .223 Remington rifle for a while, and I found a Savage model 25 unfired in the used rack at my local cabelas for only about $25 more than a new axis. I think I paid $343 for it.

The model 25 has a 3 sided bolt versus a 2 sided like the axis. I think it locks up tighter and it's jeweled so it's a bit smoother too.

Not many videos of this one in .223 but in 17 hornet there's a few. I got a $23 bipod on it, $10 sling, and $80 scope with $15 rings.

I have to go sight it in hopefully tomorrow in between moving stuff between my house and my parents (emptying my house so I can move into the new one)

I have no idea how it will perform, or if it will be accurate, but time will tell.







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If i had to pick the 3" model 36 would be my date to the prom. Nice pics thanks for the share i enjoyed
I think it's one of the best looking hand guns ever. Perfect proportions on a smaller gun,

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Is this your deer stand?

No. Its my second floor window facing over a line of sand dunes. My back fence is 600 yards from the window. I mow out to 130 yards for a fire break and to make a kill zone for coyotes to walk through. I have a nice shooting table with a swivel office chair, a variety of sizes of sand bags, extra rifles to use at varying ranges and for varying varmints, spotting scope on a tripod, binoculars on a tripod, assortment of ammo, and more. Nice to have A/C & heat when needed and food/drink/Internet close at hand. :)
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