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Good morning

I decided not to decide yet. Instead of working on the inside of the tunnel I decided that I needed to fix a bunch of welding on the outside of the tunnel.

I went over all of the sloppy MIG and cleaned it up a lot.

Here the welder missed half a weld completely. Look where I circled the open joint. There are big pits where I showed the arrows.

I didn’t grind anymore on this. Basically I used the TIG torch to level everything out and blend it in. I had to go back and purge some spots of crap stuck in the weld.
BTW, I have some 6013 and some 7018 rods. I also have a 000 o/a torch. I could gas weld it, and most of my TIG looks like gas welds anyhow.

I will decide tomorrow, when I get the rusty metal cut away, and I can see what I have to work with.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

We had a very light rain during the night. This morning was cool and a little damp.

I thought you guys might find this interesting. I’ve watched these guys many times.

I thought you guys might find this interesting. I’ve watched these guys many times.
I watched that video and watch some of their videos on occasion. :) I enjoy "educational" videos such as this and shake my head at the idiots pranking people or destroying expensive equipment for clicks. I wished gootoob had retained the "thumbs down" but Bidet's initial and continued poor showing put an end to that. :rolleyes: I think he was at like one thumbs up for every 4 thumbs down when they did away with it... (insert middle finger here)
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

Well we got some actual rain last night. It did make a mess, and I was out there cleaning it up in the dark. It’s going to be cool and overcast today and probably a little damp all day.

My #4 granddaughter got her motorcycle license yesterday, so of course it rains.

I’ve got a lot more welding to do on the bottom of my floor pan and inside the tunnel, and I’m going to try and get some more of that done today.

You guys have a nice day and be on the alert for the wild pale stinian yahoos.
Good day all of yous. I am in Iowa, 8th day now. The weather has been exceptional for this time of year.

Monday I went to a local outdoor range as a guest with a friend here. We spent a couple of hours. I had a great time and met a couple of other local fellas.

I think we will be here at least another week. The weather is supposed to stay relatively nice.

You all have a great dsy.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

At the newly remodeled Clovis Community Hospital with Judy. She is having rotator cuff surgery today.
The hospital is lovely, but the lobby is like a ballroom. Loud acoustics!

Iran has no idea what is coming, folks…

My wife had that surgery about a month ago. Full tear repair. She will be in her sling until just before thanksgiving if all goes well. She hates not being able to drive or sleep comfortably but she’s hanging in there. Good thing she has her daughters whole family to help her with the little things the rest of us take for granted. I’ve been lucky that I observe the issues that all my family members have dealt with over the years and have taken as many steps as possible to avoid those issues. I take super care of my feet, heart and general health, shed those 35lbs of retirement weight and lift my little dumbbells daily while limiting over extension as well as the walking. Even started doing kegels to help with other age related issues…lol I hope Judy comes through better than ever..
Lol. My local hospital looks like a nice casino hotel lobby too. Starbucks, a deli, omnipresent gift shop, etc and the ever present slot machine/billing cubicles…lol
Well Judy has recovered from the anesthesia and is eating hungrily. The real pain won’t hit her until tomorrow.

I need to recover from the lack of sleep.

I think the recipe for that is sleep. See ya.

Good morning Mossberg owners,

I have been hanging out at home, cleaning up the boatyard and taking care of Judy. She’s healing up nicely, and has been the perfect patient.

We got the granddaughters out to help clean the house, and so I did get some time to work on my car yesterday.

I got my fake sawzall up in the tunnel, and cut out the last of the rusted out steel. I used an offset carbide grit saw, normally for grout, and it worked OK.

I clamped this little tube in place as a guide, so I could get a nice straight cut.

Now I need to finish cleaning out the last rust in that area and weld in my patch for reinforcement.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

Today it is looking to be the start of our rains. Nothing yet but the western sky is gloomy.

I did a lot of cleaning up in the boat yard, put up some more tarps and storm curtains, and made efforts to direct the rain away from where I’m going to work.

I have one more piece of plastic gutter to hang and I think I will be pretty secure.

I’m not getting too much done because, although I have someone over to help Judy with the housework, I still have a lot of cleaning to do and I am moving heavy stuff around like RV batteries and Steel weldments.

I have reaggravated a long forgotten hip injury that probably dates back skating in the early 70s. On the opposite leg I have aggravated a chronic knee condition that I’ve been suffering with, on and off, for over 10 years.

I would take some stuff for that, but I won’t be safe to run a grinder or drive a truck. They put Judy on Norco and I can’t stand to take that stuff. She’s been taking minor doses of it because she doesn’t like it either & I’ve been feeding her the kind of diet so you don’t get plugged up from laying around taking narcotics.

She’s doing pretty good, but I will just say she’s caught up on all the soap operas.

I haven’t done anything on the car except take measurements and make sketches. I’m trying to design the main mid crossmember/firewall.
Good morning to all of yous. We were in Iowa for two weeks, got home yesterday. The weather up there was exceptional. Sunny days, mostly in the 60s, and cool evenings. No rain and only windy a couple of days.

My friends in Tulsa were having very nice weather as well. Todays high will be mid 60s and that should be the case for the next few days. Now it's time to do fall clean up here and also Christmas decorations outside while the weaher is nice.

Y'all have a great day.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

Yesterday eve we got a nice rain and I actually collected a few drops in a bin for irrigation.

I did a lot more cleaning up in the boat yard, charged some batteries, and started looking at metal for my crossmember.

Today I have to take my wife back for her follow up appointment on her surgery, but everything is looking great.

I think today’s weather will be dry and sunny. My best to you all.
Good morning. The nice weather continues in northeast Oklahoma. The forecasts looking good through the end of November. We might have rain tomorrow which will be appreciated.

I have yard work today. Lots of leaves to clean up, lol. It is fall.

Enjoy your day.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

Well Thursday was a killer and we are both still recovering. Judy had to go to her follow up after surgery, we went home, and then we went food shopping, we went home, we out for pizza, we went home, we went to the welding store for a big ground cable and a connector, and then we went to Judy’s therapy scheduling and evaluation.

Then after that it was therapy and ice packs and narcotics.

I’ve been trying to work on my car and I just managed to start cutting up this big steel box to make a small steel box. I did this with a nibbler and I only use the grinder for the starts and stops.
Here I have already made two cuts, and flipped it upside down to start the third one.
I took a section out of the middle, I knocked off all the unnecessary flanges and doublers, and this is what’s left.
This is 0.050” and I’m doubling it up on the sides.
This is 6x9” so twice as wide as it needs to be. Today, I’m going to split each piece and double up on the top and bottom too, so then 3x9” It shall be.

I sketched out the approximate location of the tunnel which will just pass through this crossmember.
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