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Let's talk slings

My slings are for hunting. Most of my hunting is with my 500 either Pheasant or Waterfowl.
A single point sling has always worked best for me on Pheasant hunts.
Lately with the long walk to the duck blind, I have been using my SPS.
So much easier than actually carrying the gun through the woods.
We tend to stand most of time while in the blind so again the SPS makes it easy for me to swing the gun to my shoulder quickly.
These are the type of slings I like.

Just regular "traditional" type sling.

And the US M-1 Sling.

I also have a civilian version of the US M-1907 Sling. That one is complicated LOL. But I do like leather over canvas webbing.

Here is the sling based on the US Model-1907 sling.

"Brand X" (Saddle maker from Mo.) sling that I have had on this .22 since 1986 when I was 15.
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That is some really good dye work.

That looks awesome.
Thank you Sir.

Guess I got lucky, it was my first time. Took about a week to finish. Let the dye set and dry for 24 hours between coats, same with the sealant. I'm happy with it. Have another sling on the way I'll do in a lighter tan color for another rifle...
What would happen if I had such a sling and just rubbed the beejeezus on it with beeswax and left it in the sun?

Just put an m1907 sling n the M1A.

Picked it up unfinished...

After a few coats of medium brown antique finish gel dye and sealant it turned out pretty good...
These are the type of slings I like.

Just regular "traditional" type sling.


Bump (again) just to say that Mark you have a really incredible-looking SMLE Rifle. I have read of how trained British marksmen could shoot amazing maintained rapid fire with an Enfield and do it accurately almost as fast as semi-auto battle rifles. Would you ever consider selling it?
What a cool thread! I love seeing what and how others are using.

I have a little info on the leather I can share. I've used cuts from both russet saddle skirting and oak something or other (whatever Tandy carries). I've used very high quality leather and cheaper leather. From my sample cuts and experimenting, I've not achieved anything significant or special from leaving leather in the sun. I've used a few coats of oil but in the end, once it dries it all looks the same. Finishing with some sort of ... something that escapes me at the moment, will help keep some of the color but it may make it shiny too.

That said, Ill post a couple pics here in a bit of the one I use. I made it a few years ago of the good stuff. Leather I had custom made for my purposes. The only thing I treated it with was the neatsfoot oil that's mentioned in the photo. It's a really super nice almost copper red color that I'd say is between the third and fourth samples in the pic.

I use the M1907 on my 500, and I have a Specter Gear 3 point on the 835. I don't use either to their potential and each is essentially just for the purpose of African carry to and from the field or patrolling the property for predators. Not very good for climbing I've found. Downright awful in fact. I need something better.
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Brad, that's the color I'm going for on my next one. Very nice...

Just neatsfoot oil then. Let it soak in and dry, then do it again. Both sides. I get mine good and soaked so you can't actually get the leather to take anymore. Once you start putting it on it will start soaking in and be dry again before you get halfway down the strap, so I mean really soak the leather. I rub it in by hand till its all the same even coat then let it dry. And then I do it all again. I generally don't do another coat unless it really has to be cleaned for some reason.
Actually, it is a No.4 Mk.I, technically the No.1 Mk.III was the SMLE before it was re-designated in the (I think) 1920s?
Being third generation English-American I tend to gravitate towards the Lee-Enfield Rifle when it comes to my favourite rifle.
Think I'm going to hang onto this one, but there were millions of them made and easy and cheap to find. I'm actually trying to find a decent "sporterised" SMLE/No.1 Mk.III to "salvage", as I do have a set of wood for one. But, will wait on that till later.
Actually, it is a No.4 Mk.I, technically the No.1 Mk.III was the SMLE before it was re-designated in the (I think) 1920s?
probably still one of the fastest bolt guns ever ?......used to be the fasted in the hands of a trained British rifleman, I have a real old one stashed up in the woods....good rifle