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Looking for a USGI OD 1-1/4" cotton sling? Here you go!

I really like the GI sling... It's been more functional than any other type I've used. Is there a way to dampen the the clanking of the lower swivel attachment, since that's about the only complaint I have?
The rear clip on the GI slings is for M1 and M14 rifles with a rear loop fixed to the stock.
I use these slings on all my rifles and just remove the clip and thread the sling through regular 1-1/4" QD swivels.
Problem solved.
There is a whole bunch of colors available on Ebay from the current GI contractor. They will be correct M1, tab dimple and all. Just look for the ones that say they are selling the ones from the govt. contractor. And yes, take that stupid clip off and mount it directly through the swivel.