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Maverick 88 Pump Action Forearms

Re: what forend is this??!?

MikeD is right on here. If Havlin doesn't have the action slide tube, check out Midway USA or Brownells.

The longer of the two is the most common length and most aftermarket manufacturers make parts for that one, though some will work just fine with the short action slide tube and extension nut. (Sometimes it can be hard to find the longer of the two and the shorter set up is the only immediate option without waiting on a backordered part). To my knowledge, the ERGO trirailed forend is the only one coming to mind that won't work with the short tube and extension. Prior to learning this I had advised another memeber this route would be a safe bet. I felt terrible ...

Anyhow, you could cu the forend if you're handy and drill it to install a rail for a forgrip or light mount.

Another option, and somethin our memeber LES has done, is to redrill the side saddle moving all the mounting holes forward a half inch, though his forend wasn't quite like that and I don't know for sure your mounting plate would have enough room, but just a thought.
Re: what forend is this??!?

I would break out my Dremmel tool with the cutting wheel and cut the forearm.
You only need to remove material from one side it would be real easy.
You could also get a side saddle that takes less shells and is shorter.
Re: what forend is this??!?

Here's the quick-fix I used on mine...

I've always been one for the quick and easy fix whenever possible. Here's a pic of my TacStar mod for reference...

All I had to do was drill a second hole 1/2" (center to center) inside the existing hole at the rear of the base plate. Drilling it slightly smaller than the others will eliminate the need for a nut to secure the screw. There is now plenty of room for clearance in the action using my aftermarket forend. I've fired several hundred rounds through this 590 and have had no movement in the TacStar at all. The whole process took less than five minutes...

All I needed was an extra half inch clearance for my forend, so if you need more room than that it's probably better to modify your forend...
Re: what forend is this??!?


Just last week I ordered, received, and installed a 7 5/8" forend tube, castle nut, and forend on my 88 Security 6-shot. If you decide to go that route, let me know and I'll try to dig up the receipt with part numbers.

I have however since ordered a Hogue Overmolded stock and forend set for the same gun. So I'd be willing to part with my present factory forend for the cost of shipping it to you.

Re: what forend is this??!?

That's a mighty kind offer Jeff!
Re: what forend is this??!?

AWESOME support, thank you guys VERY much! Glad I've found a new home!

In digging today, I found this(see link below). I BELIEVE it's a direct replacement with no mods needed, and looks a bunch shorter than what's on there. It should clear the saddle area, ya think? At the same time, it'll allow me to put on my vertical grip(end goal) with a light on the side.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0066A ... EQYI4JDKSE

Anybody have any good recommendations for a weaver fit vertical grip? Everything I'd PREFER to buy is for a Picatinny rail. Is there any small, low profile conversion/adapter I might be able to pick up?

If I'm resigned to weaver, I think I might go with this little stub-

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004SC ... EOI6WJWMHJ
Re: what forend is this??!?

The general rule is that weaver accessories will fit picatinny rail, but not always the other way around.

The locking slots on a picatinny rail are .206" (5.232mm), whereas only .180" (4.572mm) on a weaver base. I imaging the only difference between the picatinny/weaver models in the grip you linked is going to be the width of the screw they use. I have the same stubby grip you linked (made by Tapco) and the slot screw is pretty wide. It's a great little grip and very comfortable to use...

i see that havlin sales has a 20 ga wooden foreend. if i shorten it will it work on my 6.5" forend maverick 20 ga? thanks
Hi there,

New to the forum as well as to gun ownership. Picked up a 30-06 last year for hunting and have been practicing. I am from northern BC, Canada, so I picked up a maverick 88 the other day for bear defence as well as for fun. This is my first shotgun, and the other day was the first time ever shooting one. What a blast!...no pun intended. There just magically happend to be a TV out in the middle of nowhere as well, which made for a great target.

Anyways, obviously like most other people I am very happy with my nice little cheap 12 gauge, however I want to get rid of the cheap plastic pump as well as the butt. I see that the ATI talon tactical kit is for the maverick 88. Will this actually fit my brand new 88 without any problems.

After reading this thread it seems it is not so cut and dried when modifying the 88. Should i be measuring the action tube, to see what i need to make a 500 pump fit? Are there aftermarket kits that just bolt right up to these things?
Is there a kit that just has everything i need as well as instructions?

I know these are probably newbie questions and may have already been answered here in the past, for that I apologize. I am just feeling unclear on how to go about this modification. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers from up North!
Did some more research it seems i need a new action tube as the current pump is grooved to the current tube? Am I right? Then I can attach a compatible pump to that tube?
Actually BCGuy, to replace the forend on a Mav88 you need a new slide-action tube because there isn't one there currently at all. The action bars on the Maverick (and some 500's) are pinned directly onto the forend instead of attaching to a tube. Installing the slide action tube is no big deal......if you can do a complete tear-down on your gun to clean it, you can do this install.

Here's a link to the part at MidwayUSA http://www.midwayusa.com/product/42...be-assembly-7-3-4-mossberg-500-a-590-12-gauge They are out of stock right now but you can backorder from them or at least that shows you what to look for somewhere else.......eBay usually will yield a couple.

Installing the slide tube will allow the ATI forend to be installed and the ATI Talon buttstock will go on with no problems as is.......hope that helps!!
do i have to make sure the current tube is 7 3/4" or 6 3/4" or are all the new ones 7 3/4"?
sorry, thanks so much for your help!
There actually isn't a tube on the Mav88 at all, which is why you have to install one to swap forends. Most aftermarket forends will use the 7 3/4" tube so thats the one you'll want. And not a problem.......everyone was a newbie at some point. :)