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Dude that is some cool stuff! So it like a sculpture park and inside exhibitions too if I'm understanding? Much is beyond me, but I can certainly appreciate it and just seein the different way peoples minds work is awesome! Alot of it I'd really like to be able to see in person... we dont get away from the country tooo often for much besides work. To go into the city feels like more work.

Now I'm ramb ling and I'll respectfully leave the floor.

Friend I was with thought that it would be funny to have the background in the shot. I didn't know what she was doing until later.
Oh man...i love your dog!!! need more pix....
Dude!!! Thats awesome! My son, (my oldest) is in his second year of high school marching band!

He plays both the clarinet and saxophone!
Marching band is a great thing for high schoolers to be a part of! If there is ever a drum and bugle corps show in your area, you should check it out. My parents got into watching once I started marching with the Madison Scouts... Here is an amateur video of the end of our last performance in 2011. The show was a tribute to 9/11...