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Mossberg 590 Pump Action Forends

Check this one out, I don't see how this side saddle would still be on there if there were any interference.

Same forend I've had for a couple of years on my 590A1 but just added the angled grip which makes it perfect now.


Does anyone have opinion/experience with magpul forends and stocks, good bad or otherwise? I am looking to change up both. I am very much a noob and will need all the help I can get.
No personal experience here, but from the many posts we've seen here on the forum, those that have installed the Magpul furniture seem happy...
I have a Magpul forend, and I sure like it a lot. It looks good, and feels good. And it protects your hand a bit better from the barrel too.

The only downside is that I needed to modify my Heat Shield by grinding it down a bit, so it would fit. This is due to the Magpul forend going higher up over the barrel, compared to the Mossberg original forend.
This is the current mossberg forend on their 590A1 tactical offerings:

Is there a way to purchase just the forend?
The Magpul forend is good but had to many sharp edges for me.

I went with the Magpul stock but used a Hogue Forend!

Best of both worlds for me!


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The Magpul forend is good but had to many sharp edges for me.

I went with the Magpul stock but used a Hogue Forend!

Best of both worlds for me!

Looks good.
I prefer the stock and classic forend. If I can get the wood stocks and forend here in Canada I would love it.
I'm not that old but I simply prefer retro and classic ones from the m1911 to M9 eras.
They sell them now on the mossberg webstore..

But if you have a 590 more than a few years old, don't expect any help from Mossberg customer service about what will or won't fit.

They currently have the fore end with built in light on sale

The one they have on sale is a bit different from the original one they had years ago. The original fore end with light was made by Surefire and wouldn't fit on their milspec 590 (with bayonet lug) unless you hacked off the bayonet lug. Their sale listing for the current one doesn't say anything about the bayonet lug but the listing tap dances about which models it does and doesn't fit. I figured the easiest way to get a straight answer was to ask Mossberg -- after all, they built my 590 and they should know which of their accessories will fit.

Silly me!

I will give Mossberg credit for giving me a very quick (albeit totally worthless) response less than 25 minutes after I asked.

Mossberg said:
Thank you for your e-mail. If your current action slide is 7 3/4", the forearm will fit. Due to the age of your firearm, your serial number does not register in our electronic records. It is recommended to measure your tube. If your tube is a single arm action, the forearm will not work. Have a great day.

My first reaction was surprise that -- unlike just about every other firearms manufacturer -- Mossberg does not have configuration information on all their current production model guns readily available. My second reaction was annoyance that they had just repeated part (not all) of what it said in the listing without even attempting to help by providing some guidance on how to measure. In my case, the advice to "measure your tube" does me no good at all because my 590 is living at my daughter's house in the country right now, but even if I had it here, something a bit clearer than "measure your tube" would certainly have been appreciated.

I guess a serial number in the range serial number L4019xx was a bit too much for them.

Mossberg makes great guns - but apparently once the gun is out their door they seem to be done with it.
I don't know who you were talking to at Mossberg,but I can tell you they did not know what they were talking about.

Shoot an email to
Joseph Zakher

Explain it to him, I'll bet the house he will be able to help you out.

Mention you are a member here.

Your 590 with that serial number is from 1993-1994.

Keep us posted.
I'm waiting on some Birchwood Casey Rusty Walnut Stain to arrive so I can get this walnut AR grip to match this old walnut police corncob forend. Once I get them close, I'll finish them with Tru-Oil.