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Mossberg 590 Side Saddles and Shell Holders

I'm pretty sure the one in the Magpul video is this one: http://jerkingthetrigger.com/2014/08/26/ares-armor-remora-speed-shotshell-holder/

But Ares Armor apparently had some legal issues and changed their name and don't appear to be making this item anymore.

I've been trying to really look for something closer to what you wanted but the closest I could find was this. Not sure where you would want to mount something like that on a pump gun. They make sense as match savers on a semi-auto though.

I also went back and tried to watch some of the magpul dynamic shotgun video to see it for myself and he has it mounted on a semi-auto remington 1100.

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Just found this one too. http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Shotshell-Holder-Belt-Clip-2-Rounds/productinfo/SGSSH-2/ I think this is also a safariland one. You could cut the flipped up belt loop end and drill a hole and buy some hardware to mount it. If that still doesn't fit what you want then your best course of action is to find a custom kydex holster guy and send him the images of the Remora speed shot-shell holder for reference to see if he could replicate it. It should be pretty simple, but take note it is not the same as what's used on the Rem semi-auto from the magpul dvd. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/...kydex-remora-speed-pump-shotgun-shell-holder/

I know it is all down to personal preference but I think this would get in the way of your grip on the forend of the pump.
$40 and "a little MacGyvering". That's kinda funny but I'm inclined to agree with you.
See if Aim (brand) has one for the Mossberg side saddle.

I recently got a 6 shell holder for my Remington 870. Well worth the $14 I spent on it at ebay. Aluminum base, steel screws that replace the trigger and hammer pins, and the actual shell holders is a thick plastic and fit the shells very tightly so you don't have to worry about them falling out

Please keep us updated if you notice any rubbing or wear marks from the Mesa. I am considering this or the GG&G but am looking for feedback to see how good their gaskets protect the receiver from getting all scratched up.

Looks great!
I use the velcro, light, secure and removable in seconds!

Same here. I really like my Esstac shotgun cards.

TacStar (i think that's the brand name) makes a 6 shot shell holder. Uses the ejector screw (inside of the receiver and a new threaded bolt that goes through the trigger housing).

Very reasonable price ($30 tops if I recall correctly) and works very well. With this and the 8+1 capacity of the 20" 590a1, you're looking at 15 rounds...adds quite a bit of heft to the already hefty 590a1.


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I got the shell holder and I think it's going to work nicely. I like that there is a rubber o-ring on a screw between the two that allows you to adjust the tension. The open design makes it easier to strip the shells out of the holder than if the loops holding the shells were completely closed.

Just to get an initial idea, I mounted it through one of the M-Lok slots on the MOE forend.


Mounted like this, it's farther forward than I want it. I think I'll fab up a mounting bracket out of Kydex to position the shells closer to the loading port when the slide is back. I have some M-Lok screws and cam-nuts to mount the bracket.

I'm also going to remove the AFG. It blocks my support hand from easily reaching underneath to strip a shell and drop it in the loading port.
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I had my mossberg 590 and 500 out yesterday with the esstac card shot-shell holders. I was shooting some full power slugs and 00 buck all 2 3/4 inch. The shells in the cards were moving all over the place all loaded brass up. They slid down, they slid up, with full power slugs they even popped straight up and out of the saddle falling to the ground. They also slid down a few times so low that the brass rim was below the top of the elastic bands as if any further and they would have been on the ground. I experimented with different positioning heights with the shells all loaded brass up but they were still moving all over the place. Very disappointing. Has anyone had similar experience with the esstac cards?