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Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Pump Action Accumag Chokes


Copper BB
I have had an 835 for a while now, and have recently been trying to get into waterfowl hunting a lot more. so my question is, for those that hunt a lot of water fowl, is there much a difference between flush and extended? Ive been using a modified flush choke, but would like to switch to an extended full choke. I shoot mostly 3.5in 1.25oz-1.5oz BB shot. I hunt mostly ducks and geese. Any help is appreciated. thanks.
Re: extended choke vs flush for waterfowl

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Extended vs Flush chokes for waterfowl

Extended chokes are easier to change....no wrench required.

With extended chokes, the longer length means a slow taper, thus a gentler transition from the choke end and less deformed pellets.

Extended chokes are handy if you are changing chokes frequently (as in sporting clays). With waterfowl, you probably won't be.

Extended chokes are also easier to identify which choke you have in the barrel(s).

Flush chokes don't change the swing you're used to and usually don't add as much weight to the end of the barrel... which of course changes the balance and therefore the feel, which will change the way you shoot at the target.
Re: extended choke vs flush for waterfowl

I was told by a smith today that its neccesary to use an extened choke with steel due to the fact that steel is so much harder than lead. With steel he says that it can bind up the choke making it hard to get out because steel has no give like lead. I assume he knows what he's talking about, its his lively hood. Has anyone else heard this?
Re: extended choke vs flush for waterfowl

That makes no sense to me. the "barrel to choke transition" is still in the same place. Not saying they aren't easier to change, because they are. If you currently have standards, you don't need to spend money. If you are looking for a ultra-tight patterning one you currently don't own, might as well get the newest coolest if you can afford it.

Everything Shooter says is absolutely true. However, if it were me, I'd spend my money on some of the newer high performance ammo and stick to my stock modified and full chokes. I really don't think the extended taper matters with Flight Control style ammo, and some of the stuff hitting the market kind of takes the gun out of the game. As long as you have at least a Modified, you're dropping them at the extreme end of the usable 12 gauge range.
Re: extended choke vs flush for waterfowl

Oh and as to smiths "knowing what they're talking about" I went to a local respected one. I don't "act dumb", but I always hold back just to see what they will suggest. I asked about getting an adjustable sight put on my 1911. He went on about "well it says Novak cut, but you know they aren't perfect and you have to do some hand fitting". So far so good. That's the truth.

Then he goes into "So I'll probably need to do some milling on the slide, and my machine rate is $120 and hour, and my normal rate is $45 and hour, and I won't know how much time it'll take, but I'd guess you'd get out for about $150 to $200"

to which I responded. "Gee. Wouldn't it be easier to just take a file to the foot of the sight?" You know the "Oh snap! I've been busted" face? Dude looked just like Boss Hogg.

Re: extended choke vs flush for waterfowl

as far as some of that new ammo. a lot of it is horse SH**. the federal black cloud is dirty as all hell, kicks so hard you cant shoot it over and over. thats the 3.5in shell mind you. it didnt leave powder residue, it left chunks of crap in my barrel. my favorite is still the winchester superx BB 3.5in. cheaper and works fine. anyway thanks for the feedback
Re: extended choke vs flush for waterfowl

I've never even bothered with 3 inch... I only use 2 3/4
Best Choke/Load Combo for Coyote

Hello,i have a 835 ulti-mag turkey with the 24" barrel.I plan to use this for coyote out to 50 to 70yds.The chokes i have on hand are modified .750,full .730,xtra full .715,ulti-full turkey (lead only),and a x-factor waterfowl modified .750. The loads i have are 3-1/2" #4,#5,and BB.What would be the best choke and load combination for coyotes? I also have a mossberg 500 w/28" barrel with a .675 gobble-stopper choke.I was planning on using this loaded with 3" magnum #4 turkey loads for a back-up.Any input would be appreciated. :twisted:
Re: Best Choke/Load Combo for Coyote

I think with the kinda of range youre talking about, I would go with an IC and slugs. Dan has some TruLock choke and has talked with the guys of TruLock quite abit. They highly recommend the IC for 00 buck and slugs.

That combined with the info Shooter posted... You can always call the guys of TruLock and tell em you came from this site. Theyd be happy to help!

That modified as gmaster suggested could work for ya too. A 12 ga slug is .73 and your Mod choke is .75 ... should be ok.

I know you have shot, but for 50 to 70 yards, I wouldnt plan on using anything other than slugs. I dont expect shot to have any sort of pattern density to stop a coyote at that range. 00 buck at closer ranges.

Maybe try out some loads side x side on paper compared with slugs, and see what they look like at range. Even the turkey load, though its a larger shot size, is meant to be kept in a pretty tight pattern, hence the XFull choke. With that choke, most folks are lookin for shots inside 40 yards. With the bird shot, like the #5 and BB or goose loads, those are still intended to be used pretty close. What happens, is at longer ranges, the shots spreads so much birds are winged and damaged, but not dead. They often die (and sometimes later) from the injury but arent recovered.

I certainly dont mean any disrespect or offense just offerin my experiences and perspective, I hope its helpful to you.

And Welcome to Mossberg Owners!!! :D
Re: Best Choke/Load Combo for Coyote

True about the shot, I neglected to take in consideration for the range OP was talking about.
Re: 835 utli mag choke

Have you looked at the Tru Glo chokes ?
Re: 835 utli mag choke

No ive looked at some on eBay but most of them are outrageous..i did score a modified for 10 bucks last week tho!!
Re: 835 utli mag choke

I got the Strut Stopper from Cabelas online. It's great. It has lengthwise grooves in it. Great for targets and turkey. Nice tight pattern.....
Re: 835 utli mag choke

PostPosted: May 6th, 2011, 10:56 am
ripjack13 said:
just got in....tried out the strut stopper...it had a nice 7" ball with a bunch of strays about 24"-30" around it. i liked it. my target was a pallet...i was only 20yards away as well. works for me!