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Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- What ammo you using?

Well today I went looking at the local Wally World for sub sonic ammo and all they carry is the Remington, Sub Sonic. When I bought my Mossberg Tac22 I also bought a box of Remington Golden Bullets and found a lot of jam issues and fail to fire. I blamed the jams on the magazine, but since doing my work on the mag and running CCI ammo, it's been flawless! So Wally, only carrying Remington, I was cautious and only bought a box of 50. Fired off a 10 rounder and had 1 jam and 1 fail to fire. I learned a couple lessons today! The fail to fire was stuck and I had no kinda tool to remove the bullet. So my range time was over and I made the hike back to the house. Lessons learned... stay away from Remington 22LR ammo and always carry my multi-tool!
Re: What ammo you using?

.22lr ammo issues can be subjective to the weapon being used.

My wife and I have fired tens of thousands of rounds Remington Golden through our handguns with VERY few issues although I do have major problems with them in my Remington 597 (go figure). The Remy Sub-sonic performs flawlessly in my Remy 597 and yields consistent sub-MOA results on target. It's hard to argue with CCI, but I like shooting LOTS of cheap bulk ammo. I recently started using 40 grain Federal Target AutoMatch bulk from Wally World and it works like a charm in everything I've run it through. Surprisingly, we went through 1000+ rounds on our last range trip without a single dud.

Good luck and keep us posted...
What ammo you using?

Mine does NOT like Remington vipers. Jams or FTF, FTE every single round.
Loves the golden bullets though.
Winchester 555 bulk box, i will get the odd jam or FTF. But for the money, it works.

So far CCI 1050 fps subsonics work like a charm. I will get the odd stovepipe once the gun starts getting real dirty. I haven't tried lower fps yes.

With all the ammo I will get the odd failure to feed, the bolt stays back like the mag is empty. But I attribute that to magazine wobble (still haven't fixed that!)
Re: What ammo you using?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to give Remington ammo a bad name at all. I've used it in past and never seem to have a problem with it. It just seems it and the Mossy Tac22 aren't a good combination.

Would like to find a good subsonic round to use while plinking, Was really interested in the CCI Quiet 22 ammo, but from what I've read, it won't work the action on a semi. Thanks bellofello for the tip on the CCI 1050. Guess if I can't find it local, I'll just have to make a trip out to Cabela's.
What ammo you using?

I ordered a bunch of it off of cabelas at around 5-7 dollars per 100.

1050fps is still subsonic.

I would like to try the 900 fps and 710 fps as well. I've heard of people with polished 10/22 actions cycling the 710fps stuff :O

As for Remington, my tac 22 eats those golden bullets up like crazy.

It's weird how 2 of the same rifle will like different ammo.
Re: What ammo you using?

I've had issues with the Remington golden ammo in any .22 I've ever used it in, it just seems to be dirtier than many others. (not trying to slam Remington , Their Core-Lokt stuff is the most accurate factory ammo I've shot out my hunting rifle.)

Currently I've been using the Federal bulk pack ammo in almost all my .22lr's. It has world flawlessly with one exception. The Walther P22 seems to like stuff of a slightly higher velocity to cycle reliably. I'm still working on finding the sweet spot of ammo for this one.
Re: What ammo you using?

My 715t seems to hate Federal ammo. It just will not cycle it period. The best ammo I have found for it is either the CCI Mini-Mag or Aquila. Both will cylce great and make awesome groups at 50yds. As for the Remington ammo........ the Viper and Yellow Jacket ammo won't feed in these rifles simply because of bullet shape. The conical design makes them catch/hang on the feed ramp and it will pinch the round every time. Do yourself a favor and burn CCI.
Re: What ammo you using?

CCI AR Tactical .22 LR. Got 1500 rounds in a Cabela's dry storage box for $94.99+tax.


Re: What ammo you using?

But doesn't the mossberg have a much slower twist (1:16) than the 1:9 or 1:7 twist that AR's usually have?

I was under the impression that the CCI AR Tactical's were catered to the faster twist though I may be mistaken.
Re: What ammo you using?

Don't know about the twist.

Theses things have a rounded nose, copper plated, and are dry lubricated. They are supposed to feed better in these AR based weapons, and supposedly have a better distance and acuracy.
I haven't fired any yet, but i'll find out soon. Waiting for a cooler day, been 105+f here for 9 days straight now.
Re: What ammo you using?

I have fired about 200 rounds of Federal 555rd bulk pack from walmart through my new flat top model. Not a single misfire, jam, or other complication, it has been flawless. I did break down the weapon and remove all the grease (there was a lot) From the factory and coated parts with RemOil, let dry, then lubed the action, feed ramp, barrel, etc with Hoppes Elite oil.

Slow fire, rapid fire, all flawless!
Re: What ammo you using?

Also... Not sure if it's true or not, but I've heard that the subsonic rounds don't work that well in tactical 22's and the hotter rounds work better. Probably has to do with the subsonic rounds not cycling the firearm with enough force.
Re: What ammo you using?

It all depends.

I personally think subsonics work actions better (I don't own a mossberg 22), but the subsonics are slower, therefore, are in the barrel longer allowing a longer dwell time to work the bolt.

I also think subsonic bullets are more accurate. If you notice, almost all serious match ammo are almost always less than 1050 fps, which is subsonic, whether they are labeled subsonic or not.

Wolf and Lapua match ammo come to mind right off the bat.
Re: What ammo you using?

Bonesteel said:
CCI AR Tactical .22 LR. Got 1500 rounds in a Cabela's dry storage box for $94.99+tax.]

Great deal...
I have a milk carton of Remmington 22LR's and they jam, FTF and FTE...consistantly!!!

I bought a couple boxes of the CCI 22LR tatical that are in your picture and shot over 200 on Monday morning without a single error. My gun is not truly sighted-in yet, but I could easily hit all 25 shots in the 6" targets I was shooting at 30 feet, and with the red-dot on, I could tear 1" diameter holes with 25 shots. All shooting is off-hand standing in a non-air conditioned indoor range.

I got to get more 25 round mags, its way too easy to blow through 25 shots!!!!!
Re: What ammo you using?

Here's a post of mine from a while back referencing sub-sonic vs. standard velocity in my semi-auto Remy 597...

Got back out to the range with the plinker today. Took the .22 Mite to get some comparative results on target with and without the can. Put a coulpe hundred rounds down range at 50yds and most of the targets ended up looking like this one...

This was the best 3 shot group of the day, measuring 1/8" center to center...

From what I could see, there was no perceptible difference in POI whether the rifle was suppressed or not. However, the 38gr Reminton subsonic HP rounds grouped about 1.5" lower than the standard 40 grain Federal Target AutoMatch ammo. I re-zeroed the scope for the Remy subsonic and the targets pictured above were the result. The subsonic did seem to yield much more consistent results on target. I did have several FTE issues with the Remy stuff, but it still performed much better that the Remy 'Golden Bullets' I tried last week. I couldn't even get that stuff to load into the mag properly.
Re: What ammo you using?

Remington Golden HV Hollow Points feed well and not 1 jam or misfire so far. Cheap in the 525 bulk boxes. Haven't tried anything else, but a few others say CCI Stingers are awesome.
Re: What ammo you using?

My 715T Tactical 22lr, Adjustable Stock, 25-Round Magazine
• Bushnell Trophy Red/Green Dot 4-Reticle Scope, Polarizing Filter
• GDT Tactical Folding Foregrip/Bipod Combination Grip

Once I got it sighted in I did an ammo test. Here are my results for accuracy and consistency:

A+ Winchester XPERT HV 36G
B+ CCI Blazer 40G
B Winchester Dynapoint 40G
C Federal Champion 745 36G


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Re: What ammo you using?

I tried the Winchester M22 this weekend. Box of 1000 rounds for about $50. I fired 500 rounds and out of 500 rounds I had one failure. Not sure if it happened in the rifle or if it was defective when I loaded it into the mag. The bullet had a half shaved tip.

So the math so far is this:
750 CCI AR Tactical 22LR fired = 0 failures (fired in dry conditions outside)
500 Winchester M22 fired = 1 failure (fired in damp/wet conditions outside)

1250 rounds fired with only 1 failure is pretty good no matter what.

I did note that the Winchester M22 is less accurate than the CCI AR Tactical rounds. I also noted that the Winchester M22 has various 'hot' rounds as I call them, some seem to really go "BANG" louder than others.