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My 1st Semi-Auto!

If I remember correctly, the factory extension tubes are made by Choate. There are hundreds of pages here in the 930 troubleshooting thread about the issues with the factory extensions causing mag springs to hang up in the tube. I had that problem myself until I switched over to the Nordic extension and it's been smooth sailing since...
Hmm that is a very good point that hadn't occurred to me - barrel thickness. The 935 has overbored barrel whereas the 930 doesn't. That'll be it.

I always thought that the standard JM Pro extension tube was from NC. Doesn't the JM Pro have a wonky retaining nut from the factory?

If the Choat gives problems I will just get the NC and learn to love the wonky looking nut :)
You're correct, the JM Pro models do come standard with a Nordic extension. It's the SPX models that use Choate. Haven't changed a thing on my JM Pro and it runs like a champ...
Going to mount a sling onto my 935. Nothing fancy. Just a nice plain leather strap.

I'm utilising the standard buttstock mount by using 1 of these.

For the front I'm using a vertical mount for a Remington 870 as I prefer the sling hanging down from the bottom rather than the side of the gun.

The question I have is this: Will the Remington vertical sling mount interfere with the transition between magazine extension and original magazine tube? I know that where the 2 meet can be the difference between cartridges feeding and not feeding.....

Has no-one else used the vertical mount in conjunction with a mag extension?

I have used them but not in like circumstances with a magazine extension.

I'm not personally fond of this style, but that's not the same as saying it didn't work or that it sucked or anything else. After using it I went to the CDM Gear and that's all I've used since as a matter of preference of having the clamp on the magazine tube.
May I ask the reason you weren't too fond of this style of sling mounting?

To me it seemed like it stuck out and wasn't rounded enough not to snag. The sling attachment point I'm using now on my 835 isn't altogether different in that it hangs down though it clamps to the magazine tube. But it's more rounded and thicker than the sling plate.

I had no issues with the sling plate in terms of fit or finish or even function. Just not the style I prefer.
Santa brought some goodies for the 935. Courtesy of Or3gun....

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I noticed that the spacer tube seems to be a looser fit on the magazine tube than the original. Is this normal for them?

You'd have to ask them to be certain, but from what I've seen, I believe it's supposed to fit like that and be a more consistent fit than factory. I think.
Ok. Just to update the thread and maybe put other people's minds at rest.

William from Or3gun replied and said that the spacers are a few thousandths bigger than the standard spacer. This is in order to counteract out-of-round magazine tubes and crushed/damaged extension threads. So that explains why they feel a little loose on the mag tube.

But then they are normally under spring tension anyway so it's not like it will rattle around..