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Obama's Corruption Chronicles:

I watch all of this nonsense about immigration reform instead of passing meaningful budgets. We have immigration laws but they have been ignored for decades. The left and right are complicit.

Have you ever asked a politician how many people he/she thinks the USA can actually accommodate or support ? 350M, 500M, a billion ? No one knows, but I do know one thing. There are too many homeless encampments being set up in major cities in this country. That tells me there are enough people here. Some are vets, some are mentally ill, some are illegal immigrants. Whatever or whomever, we cannot seem to take care of all the people that are here now. I think the current number is where we need to cut off immigration. Period.

A John Podesta email includes an attachment of a letter sent by Senator Grassley to Loretta Lynch demanding an investigation into Uranium One. A.G. Lynch ignored and squashed the investigation

A Wikileaks email, titled “Grassley letter” points to possible collusion between the Department Of Justice and the Clinton Campaign on Uranium One. A letter from Senator Chuck Grassley to Loretta Lynch questioning the Uranium One deal ended up in the hands of a Clinton Foundation Senior VP and ultimately in the hands of John Podesta and the Clinton campaign.





The thing is the Republicans knew and they did nothing about it.

I can't imagine they kept that secret from the entire Congress.

Then the fact that any investigation only proceeded so slowly . ...

Everybody knew and they let it go because they were invested in energy companies that made money over this deal. Instead of fighting it they all took a share.

At least that's how it looks from here.
Also bear in mind that at time that happened all those energy companies were doing poorly because of the epa restrictions.

There was both a carrot and a stick involved in this business.

The Silence from Washington on this issue has been deafening.
Someone alerted Podesta, which amounts to telling Hillary herself. Maybe someone in DOJ, FBI, or perhaps someone in the senator's office leaked the info.

One thing is for certain, there really are no secrets in DC. Things are leaked for all sorts of nefarious reasons, these days mostly political points. Hell, why would anyone need to collude with Russia these days. There are plenty of Dems and Repubs in DC looking for 15 minutes of fame . What better way than be the one that got the "dirt". Lord knows there is plenty of dirt to go around.
I especially liked when Hillary said " They all look alike" referring to Corey Booker and Eric Holder. Can you imagine the outrage by the left if a conservative made a comment like that.
Hillary makes a comment between 4:20 and 4:30 about Booker and Holder that would draw outrage from the left had a conservative made such a remark.
Well maybe they made her an honorary negro and so it's okay for her to say that stuff now...
Well don't forget, her husband did claim to be the first black president when speaking a a predominantly black congregation at a church during his presidency.
Obama, in my opinion was driven by two factors. His desire to bring the USA down to a lower level on the world stage, and he was driven by his desire to leave a legacy that he thought would raise his stature in history.

I thought he was the quintessential narcissistic egomaniac. His continuing interference into American policy is unprecedented in American history by any past president.
The amazing thing is how the media was Obama's waterboy every day. They never challenged his pontification.

They were like those folks who brag about their important black friends, to let you know how not-racist they are . . . And in the process prove just the opposite.
I know that the Oscars can be "bought" ( latest example is the Oscar to The White Helmets Terror Organisation ) But when "we" gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.. i just gave up all hope. He entered office on January 20, 2009, the prize was annouced on October 9, 2009 and Obama accepted the prize in Oslo on December 10, 2009. What did he do ?! From what i can remeber, he was at war, his entire period in office ! In 2016 alone, he dropped >26 000 bombs on the middle east ! omg.. lol..

I must ask you Americans... are you not tired of being a nation at war all the time ? And i am asking in a friendly way... thats why im here, as a friend.. but i have to ask..

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Don't feel bad fellmann.

Adolf Hitler was also among the ranks of persons who have been nominated for the nobel peace prize. It's meaningless.
We have been dubbed the worlds policeman. After WW II it was to stop the spread of communism. Then there was the need for oil. Then the spread of radical Islam. Of course it also has helped our defense industry. The average American has no real say as to how the country operates.

I think if one could go back 75 years and find out how many politicians became wealthy with the help of the never ending wars the true answer would become clear. As you can see from our current political mess that will never happen. The Washington DC machine is well oiled and maintained. The names and faces change, though not often enough. But the process, the inner workings, continue on and on.