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Obama's Corruption Chronicles:

Most media in this country gave Obama the green light to break laws and do as he pleased. Now they are trying to remove a seated US president on what thus far is weak evidence. The media ignores the bias in the Meuller investigation. The media ignores the Clinton corruption as long as they can. They are an enemy of the American people. The media is right up there with the socialist democrats and the permanently entrenched deep state as a threat to this nation. I wish Trump was moving faster to remove the Obama appointees. We still have a lot of them in place sabotaging things.
This is the bulk of the information that I could find concerning this letter.

"In an undated email from Larry Wooten to Andrew D. Goldsmith, Associate Deputy Attorney General, National Criminal Discovery Coordinator, Wooten writes of many misdeeds in the entire Gold Butte Impound Operation, that being the operation that unfolded near Bunkerville, Nevada, back in early April 2014.
In a cover email, the eighteenth page, to Steven Myhre, United States Attorney for the Nevada District, in a forwarded email, the 17 page emails is included for a total of 18 pages."

Checking some of the names and such, I found that they seem legitimate.



If it isn't, it's going viral anyway.

The following link should also be read.

I can't believe I read that entire PDF but it is extremely damaging of Love and his cohorts, Mhyre, the USAO, BLM OLES and others.

This was a result of our culture of love peace and diversity?

Bias, Lies, and Crimes galore.
Cadd, I read the whole thing, too. I'll bet the same applies to my least favorite gummit agencies. BLM, BATFE, EPA, IRS...
Did you read this one too?


One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”
Thanks, I missed that one but it doesn't surprise me that the mainstream media hasn't touched it.
Oh heavens no!

All the gossip about Trump and Bannon is much more important than American law enforcement agencies smuggling guns to terrorists and drug runners.

After all guns are only important when people are trying to buy them legally for their own protection against terrorists and drug runners.
That is quite the read. I have no doubt the federal government is full of crap like that. Trump has been climbing uphill since day one with no help whatsoever from the main stream media. The corruption and deception runs deep . The same sort of things were taking place in the IRS and VA under Obama. The ringleaders were allowed to retire and the matter was buried. I don't know if Trump will be able to drain the swamp or not. It appears to be more of an ocean.

These are the people that want "common sense gun control".
Any clue how many resignations have been done spanning the last year when Trump was sworn in?

There were 3 just today. Pretty high ranking individuals as well.

I guess it's getting too hot for them in the kitchen.


David Laufman, [chief of the National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section]

who had a key role in the Justice Department’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, stepped down Wednesday citing personal reasons.

“David’s departure is a great loss for the department,’’ said Mary McCord, a former acting head of the National Security Division who resigned in May.



James Rybicki, who served as chief of staff to former FBI Director James Comey resigns



I am just guessing, this one probably has uranium one fingerprints all over it.

Sean Sullivan, Chairman of Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board resigns
[hidden in the final paragraph way at the bottom of the page]

"Before he was appointed to the board by President Obama in August 2015, Hamilton was president of FuelCo LLC, a nuclear fuel company that engaged in uranium transactions with Russia."

Another announcement:

Michael Kortan, Chief of Public Affairs at Federal Bureau of Investigation announced he is retiring Feb. 15.



Just perhaps, the special investigative committee that is tasked to investigate Muellers special counsel might be shaking the right branch on the tree to have 3 high ranking executive resignations and retirements announced today from the fbi.

The corruption and conspiring at the FBI and DOJ appears to have no end. Then again when one thinks back to Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch it is not surprising.

Now every time one of these rats drops over CNN and MSNBC find one of the rats that is alread left to interview. They go on to say what a dedicated hard working public servant that person was. Then shortly thereafter it turns into a Trump bashing.
Okay, wait a minute . . . which one should our Congress be investigating first?

A candidate and a foreign government that perhaps tried to collude to fix an election, or an American law enforcement agency which colluded with criminals to conceal the crimes of a candidate from the public?

In the case of Hillary Clinton, of course, either scenario works.

She has long been working with foreign powers to bolster her political coffers and insure her political position in America. I can't imagine the people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to hear speeches from America's most famous letcher or his lesbian spouse. They're paying big money to buy American elections.

Now Bill and Hillary both said that when they left the White House they were Stone broke due to Bill the letch's legal fees.

SO, Where the heck did they get all this money to mount a huge election campaign? How did people somehow decide it was a great idea to give huge charitable donations to a couple with the history of these two?

It was graft pure and simple. The clintons took huge money for political favors and that money was used to win elections.

It almost worked too, while any possible collusion between Trump and the Russians evidently didn't work well enough to get a single vote changed (as far as we can tell.)

So which one do we go after first, the crooked politicians or the crooked cops?
It seems to me that if they follow the money it will lead to both. Of course had Hilary been elected, which they thought was a lock, this would have all been moot.

The media in this country, if you can in fact call them that anymore, likes hobnobbing with the likes of the Clintons and Obamas. They detest Trump and still cannot believe the American people were so fed up with the establishment as to elect someone from outside the inner circle.

Now, all of a sudden after 8 years of being bashed on a daily basis by Obama and the media, GW Bush has decided to come out from under his rock and do a little bashing of his own.

Hell, I am still waiting to see the list of congressmen that used taxpayers dollars to pay off their accusers of sexual misdeeds and or misconduct. That was a big story for about a week.
Well the latest one accused of sexual harassment in our state government is not only a Democrat but a woman, and evidently she had some drunken groping incidents with hunky Junior colleagues.

But hey, any publicity is good publicity.
Cadd, the same thing happened in Kansas last fall. A Democratic woman dropped out of an election due to sexual harassment allegations.