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Obama's Corruption Chronicles:

He's baaaack . . .

I only had to watch half of Obama's DNC speech to hear him shovel on the propaganda like manure.
Time after time, he creates false associations and causations.

His acting, though, was surpassed by Michelle. Clearly, she's gained weight, but tons of acting skill as well.
I think she's being coached by the best.

Listen to her with your eyes closed and pretend it's Oprah talking. She's adopted some key bits of demeanor and emotion.
She'd be oh so convincing if you didn't know her, and how the Obama supporters are spreading mayhem right now.
I have watched bits and pieces. One of my favorites was Bill C. talking about how Trump should act in the Oval Office. Does anyone not remember Ms. Lewinski ?

Obama has a special skill set when it comes to fabricating lies. I remember Rush Limbaugh telling people to pay attention to what Obama does, not what he says. I really liked it when he mentioned unleashing Feds on peaceful protesters. More lies.

The Dems of course are using the pandemic for all it's worth. The fact is we will never know how it might have been with another president. Maybe better, but I doubt it since essentially the same people, cdc, fda, who, and other alphabet groups would have been in charge.

Of course each speaker has given their blessing to the "peaceful demonstrators", after all they are the future according to the Dems. Not one has spoken to the riots, but then why would they, that is all a myth.
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Well it wasn’t pleasant Bob, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

Anyhow I’ll feel better about the time I wasted watching the Obamas lie (just so I could laugh at their lies) when the stock market hits 28,000 today.

It will be an indication that the world has seen the best the Democrats can throw out, and they basically have nothing of substance.

any intelligent person saw that the DNC convention was basically a display of classic flag waving, bloody shirt waving, and Bible waving. As far as telling us how they will fix the world, it’s clear they have no clue, because they didn’t offer a single solution they did not steal from Trump, that did not start and end with “remove Trump.”

Now Julia Louise Dreyfus is a very intelligent woman, and it is clear from the unsettled nature of her face as she was telling various Trump lies That she is not convinced that what she is doing up there was right. It appears that she was under some duress.

Clearly, everybody in Hollywood has to watch what they say, because one slip will get you canceled by the mob.

As I watched her it was like seeing the sword of Damocles swing above her head by a thread.
Well it wasn’t pleasant Bob, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

I've been letting Mark Levin tell me about the goings on. :) His podcast from the previous evening comes on at 1am EST. He is not on the radio around here but used to be. I've been working nights because of the heat...
Well the corruption of a former president continues apace, with the megabuck celebration of Obama’s birthday, by hundreds of unmasked celebrities and adoring sycophants.

There was a time when it was the height of fashion to hold a party and ask everyone to wear a mask, but evidently this is not so any more. Everybody wanted to be seen with Obama.

I only saw a few of the photographs from the party & a little bit of Obama dancing on video, but evidently he told everyone to delete things before they left. We can’t have any embarrassing photos of him passing the hooter, but I did see a close-up of Obama with parched lips and red eyes.

According to the state police, the exodus from the party was a real chitshow with several bent fenders and intoxicated public altercations.

It was quite amazing how they reduced the size of the party to only a “couple hundred” people in response to public outcry about Covid, but then they try to justify A theoretical mass spreader event, by claiming that the people who were attended were all sophisticated vaccinated and evidently the worlds finest cleanest and healthiest people in both mind and body.

Well until they started getting behind the wheel drunk…

Anyhow the sheriff up there makes $2.6 million a year and I’m sure he made sure everybody got out alive.
I read The Obamas were vaccinated and had boosters.

I think Valerie Jarret and Susan Rice are acting co-presidents if Obama is incapacitated.
Wow . . . Maybe me too.

You know it never occurred to me that because I live in a nice ZIP Code that We might not of got the same Moderna shots as people living in a crappy ZIP Code down on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Could this all be part of the punish racist America agenda? What if the CEO of Pfizer comes out and said, “….well this is why we didn’t want to release the data for 75 years, because there would be a race war….”
Question of the Day

Given that Obama has Covid-19, does that mean Biden is the Acting President?

That reminds of a question long ago. It was about the Clintons' moving from Arkansas to New York so Hillary could run for the Senate. It went like this.

If Bill and Hillary move from AR to NY, will they still be considered brother and sister ?