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Post news links of burglaries with multiple assailants

From The Armed Citizen® Archives

Three people were injured after two gunmen began shooting at each other in a McDonald’s just after 12 a.m. The incident began when a man started arguing with a group as they were walking from the parking lot into the restaurant. One man began shooting outside and continued firing as he walked indoors. At that point, an armed customer who was not part of the group that had been arguing, pulled out his handgun and fired at the first shooter striking him in the leg and rear. Both shooters then ran out of the restaurant and fled. The initial suspect checked into the hospital with injuries that weren’t considered life threatening and he will reportedly be booked into Parish Prison when he is released. Two unarmed men who suffered gunshot wounds in the incident were also admitted with injuries that were not considered life threatening. (The Advocate, Baton Rouge, La., 10/4/14)
Just multiple reasons to stay out of CA! SORRY to all those from that craphole state but you need to leave. Come to IN where your rights are recognized and let the crap burn as it should! 2 cents worth of opinion.
There’s 40 million here. You don’t have the extra room for the half that want to leave.


Suspected Texas home invader impersonating cop inadvertently shoots accomplice, meets own death:​

Texas authorities are searching for two suspects who fled the scene of a botched home invasion that left one suspect dead.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said that just after 11 p.m. on Thursday "
multiple suspects" dressed in body armor kicked in a door at a residence in Katy, which is located about 30 miles outside of Houston.

Once they made it into the home, for "unknown reasons," the suspects "began shooting immediately," with one suspect allegedly "inadvertently" shooting his accomplice.

There were three residents in the home at the time of the suspected shooting, including the homeowner’s two adult sons. The sons told KTRK they were trying to go to sleep when they heard banging on their door by people identifying themselves as Houston police officers.

The sons went to confront the suspects and were immediately faced with gunfire aimed in their direction. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that it could have been at this time when the one suspect inadvertently shot the other one.
The wounded suspect dropped his firearm and tried to flee the scene, according to authorities. One of the sons picked up the dropped gun and fatally shot the other suspected home invader.
The wounded suspect then ran to a dark-colored getaway car that was being driven by a third suspect and fled.

Investigators said they do not believe the home invasion was random and launched an investigation to determine the motive. Authorities are still searching for the two suspects who fled.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Harris County Sheriff's Office Monday morning for additional details on the case.
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I guess they are not going to win smartest gang of the year award. But sounds like they did win the darwin award and achieved the room temperature challenge.

Three charged with murder in Cleveland, TN apartment home invasion​

  • Updated Dec 2, 2021
Cleveland TN police confirm to Channel 3 that three people are being charged with the first-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Adam Johnson at the Springbrook Apartments in December.

Police said Nathan Bean, 18; Derrick Brown, 18; and Jackie Ingram, 22 are charged with murder.

Investigators said the victim, Adam Johnson, was an accomplice in the home invasion with Bean, Brown, and Ingram. Sgt. Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department said, a person who lived in the apartment fatally shot Johnson and injured Nathan Bean.

"Matching that information with evidence at the scene would allow investigators determine who to charge in this,” Sgt. West said.

Even though they did not pull the trigger, Tennessee law allows a murder charge if anyone dies during a violent crime, like home invasion.

“In this case it does appear that Adam Johnson, Nathan bean, Jackie Ingram and Derrick brown were suspects committed to committing a violent crime at that apartment,” Sgt. West said.
While this isn't expressly about multiple assailants, I think it is relevant to some of what we have discussed concerning magazine capacity especially.

You shoot until the threat is neutralized. From the outcome it sounds like he fired exactly enough times.

In many encounters the shooter has no recollection of how many shots they really fired and usually think they shot less than they did.
I watched that video the other day. I don't watch Colion regularly because I think he is occasionally "alarmist" with clickbait titles and whatnot but he IS a "good guy" fighting the good cause. Some of the news clips he showed did mention "failed" self-defense attempts but you can't win if you don't try... ;)
I agree Bobster. But the video I posted above, and the video that I'm about to post, is just reporting on the "news" these times. And lets' face it, the "news" isn't exactly reporting on much that doesn't fit the narrative anyway.