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Post Your EDC Blade


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breakingcontact said:

This is what I'm planning on getting soon.

Mini-griptilian Pardue design. Got it today. Like it a lot. I do like the full size but think I will carry this more. I like the handle liners better in the mini. With the full size. I'd have to pull it then adjust my grip to get to the thumb stud. Strange to me as I have medium to large hands. This is my first quality knife. Perhaps eventually ill get a regular Griptilian but in the 6 hours ive had this knife...which isn't long...I like it a lot.

I am insufferably picky so the fact that I got out of the parking lot without returning it is huge.

I carry nothing but Spyderco . Recently it has been the Tenacious G. Saw this and had to have it It will be here Tuesday

As I said the Manix got here Tuesday but my Contego got here today. So Monday is going to get real confusing.

Top my new Benchmade Contego (yeah I broke the Spyderco only rule got this at too good a price to pass up)
Bottom my Manix 2

My every day carry has been the Kershaw Leek 1661 or 1660 since 2004, I love them but just ordered a replacement as the 1661 ST have a new updated serration pattern that I’m not a big fan of, the old model has a side off set pattern, the new pattern is an even pattern that I just don’t think is as good.


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Indeed it is, also pretty $$$ on the wallet :D But rest assured it should do its job well for a LONG time! Love Spyderco knives!
My edc is a Smith & Wesson Border Guard.Got if for Xmas from the in-laws and its probably the coolest gift I've ever been given as an adult.

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After carrying many folders, both cheap and expensive, I've found that the Manix2 fits the bill for my uses. It's substantial enough to be considered "hard use", but its fairly thin profile allows it to carry well without feeling bulky.
If I'm going to be outdoors, I'll carry my Ka-bar BK&T BK11. I stripped the coating from the blade and added some jimping on the spine. I have micarta scales and a custom Azwelke kydex sheath rigged with paracord. It makes a great "neck knife" set up.


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TravisM.1 said:
That ones actually an auto. The make a F.A.S.T. model thats really similar. I got my boy a gerber instant for christmas. I'd recommend it. Nice A/O knife.

My family got me a Gerber Guardian for Fathers' Day. I like it.



Broke my heart when I lost my Benchmade Pardue Combo late last year - I didn't replace it, instead dipped into my CRKT inventory. This is (as is probably apparent) my workhorse:


CRKT 6763 Point Guard
Blade Length: 3.5"
Overall Length: 8.25"
Blade Material: 420J2 Stainless Steel
Weight: 4.1oz.


It's surprising how many times a day you use a tool when you have it with you. I like the CRKTs wit the flip bar but look at the thumb tab. It attaches with an machine screw. At 8"+ and sturdy you worry less about hurting the tool!

It would help a lot if I slipped a sheet of paper under the clip and gave it a shot of spray enamel!