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Post Your EDC Blade

Looks like they make some nice stuff bro. Ton of variety in their line too...

i'd like to see the same kind of knife i just got from them in orange. i was telling the wife i thought i ordered an orange one. hmm ...guess not.
Spyderco Paramilitary 2 with cpm s30v




Jacques Nice balisong I see there...

Howa 'bout some knuck-knives ?





Here's two Winchester gift sets I received this past Christmas as a stocking stuffer...



Just some stock images. STILL can't find my damn memory card for my camera.



Get's the job done and is usually easy to find when in my bag. Usually in my pocket, but sometimes at work I have 2-3 different sets of keys and it all get's to be a bit much to fit in my pockets. I did bend the clip out a little and it fits nice on the outside of my boot. Haven't had it fall off yet, and I've tried to make it fall.
This is my backup. Was my main carry for a while, but it's pretty banged up now. Still as reliable as it was the day I got it almost 8 years ago.

This is never left home no matter where I am going. If I got a pic with the blade open, you'd be able to tell. Had it for around 5 years now and I use the hell out of it.


Okay, so I don't really carry the bayo...but the others all see some pocket time ;)


Balisong (butterfly) knife is from the Philippines, made by my uncle out there from 'leaf spring' steel. It holds an edge like no other knife I've ever owned. To this day, I can put a dime on a table, press down with this knife and cut the dime in half :eek:

Buck 110 - has been a constant companion in the field, whether fishing trip, hiking, or just out and about.

Kershaw, this and the the one next to it with the poly grip, were gifts from the Kershaw rep. Both excellent knives - at an even better price ;)

Benchmade auto - made for HK. ;)

and last but not least...a Smith & Wesson that was part of a Dad's day gift from my son.

I've got more, just found this pic on the computer.
.40-.45 said:
I want that Bayonet for my garand

LOL...make me an offer I can't refuse.

But be prepared for me to politely refuse it. It was my grandfather's off of a 1903 that he carried. So I think it will be carried in the family for a while yet. ;)
Hey insaneranger...make sure you post a pic of your Buck USA in the Buck section...rep sent !!
I have two. I can't take pics so I'll take some from stock pics. One is a leatherman freestyle. Barely qualifies as a multi-tool, but a good blade on it.

For more formal wear I carry an older handmade Laguiole with an "amourette" wood handle, same as in this pic, but with a more distinct tigerstripe.
I understand that you have to be careful these days, not for counterfeits, but just because some aren't handmade anymore and it's hard to tell because it's kind of like champagne. Coming out of the right area allows you to call your knife Laguiole, but that don't mean they're all Dom Perignon.
I carry a Stanley. It has saved my butt more times than I care to count.


I have actually lost 2 or 3 of these and I like them so well, I replace them with the same thing. Be careful for a while after you put a new blade in it though. It'll cut you if you look at it wrong.