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Tell Us About Your SCREEN NAME and AVATAR...

Welcome, @590 A1 Sauce, to Mossberg Owners from E TN.
I love that stamp. I went to artillery school in Ft Sill OK. Looks great.


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Do your screen name and avatar have any special meaning or did you just pick a random name and a cool pic? Some are pretty self explanitory, but others can be much more inspired.

Let's hear it...

My screen name, hombre is an old nickname given to me by patrolman buddy Tom Neilson when he had to book me for disturbing the tranquility and peaceful activity at the local "Dinner Club", Bar and country western dance hall. I told him we were just over expressing our anxieties over the gal in the short dress and tall boots. He said, git in the car hombre, we'll talk about this down town.
243 is my old Transit Operator Badge Number.

My new Avatar is my (from a kit) Bear Creek Arsenal .223 Wylde. 16.5" bbl. carbine. (Wilson Lower) I made a few changes to the upper. I took off the flash hider and installed a thread saver cap, then added a MagPul forend and, sling and bipod studs. The recoil spring needed shortening so I cut off 9 turns. Now the gun will cycle perfectly. Last, I installed a Velocity, 3 lb pull, flat trigger assembly. The scope is a Leapers 3-9x40 but I will be swapping it for a Simmons 44 Mag, 4-12 x 44. Both have adjustable objectives. I also added a device that fits to a Caldwell shell catcher and attaches to the picatinny rail. No more scrounging on the ground trying to save my empties before someone else grabs them.

***Looking for a new Avatar.
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My screen name came from my dirt bike riding buddies. I was the guy who would say "I think I can jump that". Seemed like every time we had a big ride I'd end up in the ER. My last 2 race bikes gave me stitches before I ever rode them.
I build a bike now and then, my avatar is the carby from my favorite one. It has a lot of hand made baubles on it that most people would never notice.
Hello everyone. Ok here we go... my avatar is a postage stamp from 1940 that shows an anti-aircraft gun, and supports Army and Navy. My dad served in the Army for a time, I collect stamps, and this is a gun forum, so it covers all the bases :)

My forum name just came to me as I was asked to provide one. I had ribeye steak for dinner that night and just bought a Mossberg 590 A1 tri-rail last week. So that’s what came out of my head!

Looking over some of the posts on this forum I feel lucky I found you all. I’ve done more than a fair amount of shooting in my life, but this is the first gun I’ve owned myself.

wishing you all a great day!
Great Screen Name/Avatar story... :laugh:

:welcome: to the Forum (and Gun ownership)!
I tell ya, this is a very interesting thread. Very unusual and original names.Each name is a small opening to look through to see what makes each of us who we are.

Keep em coming.
My screen name is a shortened version of my usual screen name, Giesterfarher, which is an intentionally misspelled version of Geisterfahrer, the German word for Ghost Driver. Loosely translated it means wrong way driver that comes out of the dark and kills you...

I liked the symbolism. Coming out of the dark, striking a moment of terror before the world fades to black.

My Avatar is my M500A that I inherited from my Dad a short time ago. It was purchased in 1995, and as far as I know, he never fired it. It still had the tags on it when I got it in May of this year. I have since spent far too much money on it making it a home defense gun, but it's been fun. It's the only pic I have of it for now, I'll add a better one when I get it finished.
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Everyone has a reasonable story to back their username and avatar photo.

My username might be obvious... I am a Canadian, and I like those white tailed bucks. Hunting them is very exciting, and quite the thrill!

My avatar on the other hand, I just chose a photo that looks half decent (in my opinion).