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Tell Us About Your SCREEN NAME and AVATAR...

this has been an interesting read. so I'll put in my 2 pence. My user name I just kind of made up, as I'm an American mutt, of dubious Irish/French/Russian/Norse/etc. heritage... and drengr I picked up from occasionally watching my brother play Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. supposed to be Norse for warrior I guess. As to my avatar, it's art from a comic book series I was into in my youth some 30 years ago called Pitt. When my Mutt drengr blood starts to boil, I feel like this pic. Plus it's just bada$$, IMO.
I was single minded when I signed up. My screen name is Bridgebuster, which refers to my dad's bomber squadron from WWII, The Burma Bridge Busters, 490th Bombardment Squadron from the 341st Bombardment Group in the 10th Air Force (Army Air Corp at the time). The avatar was the squadron insignia, although it never was officially approved. The 490th was a B-25 squadron and was a pretty rogue outfit so they blew off the reprimand and used the insignia anyway. It apparently scared the Japanese ground forces. So both my screen name and avatar were a nod to my dad, whom I admired very much. He was a Navigator / Bombardier and occasionally Co-Pilot. I use this on other forums as well to honor his service and his memory.
I'm a guy that has a tough time identifying myself with anything... Brands, stars, sports, cars, etc. I have so many interest and hobbies that I just don't have favorites.

Most of my handles or nick names were done spur of the moment... this one is no exception. One day looking for a handle of anonymity, EvilBetty from Kung Pow popped in my head. I've used it on several boards ever since.

Kung Pow was cool.
Hawk Lake is the name of the lake in northern Indiana that I grew up on. I fished, hunted, and trapped this little lake until I went to college.
My wife and I moved back in that house 9 years ago to take care of my ailing father who was diagnosed with alzheimers: he passed away in 2019 and we inherited the house.
My avatar is a Ruger Vaquero in a cheap holster, a homemade knife and sheath, and of coarse Jack Daniels and the dead man's hand. Just playing with the camera and lighting.
Screen name is just something easy for me to remember BBB (my initials); RN (my profession) 02282017 (the day l retired) a day which will live forever ingrained in my memory!

My Avatar - a picture of my two pups the black and white one is our baby Mykee and the brown one is the old guy Papi. We are avid dog lovers. We have had as many as 7 - ranging in size 237# down to 4 1/2# and l will let you get who ruled the roost. About 3 years ago we were down to 5 dogs and in a period of 4 months we lost all but Papi. They all died of old age - natural causes. It was still hard to take. But we needed a companion for Papi and we rescued Mykee.
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Like a few others, the 'Screen Name' is rather self explanatory, with the exception of the numbers (my year of birth..... 19, not 18 as my kids like to tell people!). The avatar? My 2 .308s, Springfield Armory Saint Victor and Mossberg MVP Scout! I thought it was an awesome idea, being able to use the same magazines as the Saint in my Mossy, PLUS my left over M1A/M14 magazines as well!!!

Fort Smith, AR
It's my favorite fictional metal. It's an indestructible metal alloy that's made by a top secret smelting process. It can only be manipulated in its molten state. Once the liquid cools and hardens it can never be altered again. You can make anything you want out of it. Bullets. Shields. Claws.

It's what came to mind when I signed up. :cheers:
Avatar is ME! my screen name, 553tnegA is Agent355 backwards - If you don't know, Agent 355 was a female spy during the Revolutionary War that played a role in exposing Benedict Arnold's treason. I am an instructor with the Appleseed Project which works to reignite the spirit that our patriots had during the American Revolution.
My Avatar is my doggo because he's better looking than me. And I honestly can't remember what the heck my screen name means since I've been using the same one for everything since the Internet was invented...