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Vegas Shooting!

It is strange, but remember: this is Vegas, and the AR is a most popular weapon.

Several famous stories have been written about crime investigations which were almost completely misled by the fact that more than one crime was being committed in the area at the same time by unrelated criminals.
By the way this guy in the video claims to be a pro at this stuff but he does not show you the graphic overlays of the waveforms and instead just makes you listen to them over and over and that is highly subjective because everybody has different speakers and different ears.

But the waveforms will tell a story.
Las Vegas shooting victim sues hotel, festival organizer, 'bump stock' maker


By Tina Bellon-2 hrs ago


© REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus: A pair of cowboy boots is shown in the street outside the concert venue.

A California woman wounded in the mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival has filed a lawsuit against the operators of the hotel where the gunman fired from, the festival organizers and the maker of a device that allowed weapons to be fired at a near-automatic rate.

Paige Gasper, 21, said in the lawsuit that the defendants' negligence led to the life-threatening injuries she suffered when a bullet shattered her ribs and lacerated her liver. The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Clark County, Nevada.

Stephen Paddock, the 64-year-old gunman, fired into the festival crowd from a 32nd-floor hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay hotel on Oct. 1, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more. Paddock killed himself before the police stormed his suite.

Gasper's lawsuit says MGM Resorts International and its subsidiary Mandalay Corp. [MGGMR.UL], which own the hotel, failed to properly monitor Paddock's activities and responded too late to the shooting of a hotel security officer. Paddock fired at the security officer six minutes before opening fire on the crowd below.

Gasper said the festival organizer, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc., was negligent for failing to provide adequate exits and properly train staff for an emergency.
The companies did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Legal experts said claims such as Gasper's would face an uphill battle.

Victor Schwartz, an attorney specializing in injury cases, said that in order to hold MGM liable, victims would have to show the company could have foreseen the shooting and taken steps to prevent it.

That would be difficult for such an extreme event, he said.

Gasper's lawsuit also accused Slide Fire Solutions, the maker of bump stock devices that were used by the gunman, of negligence, design and manufacturing defects. The devices are legal and allow semiautomatic rifles to operate as if they were fully automatic machine guns, which are heavily restricted in the United States.

Such claims would have to survive a law passed by U.S. Congress in 2005 that shields manufacturers of firearms, component parts or ammunition from liability if their products are used to commit a crime. Legal experts said it was not clear whether the component parts definition applied to bump stock devices.

Slide Fire did not respond to requests for comment.

In a separate lawsuit filed over the weekend, a group of plaintiffs accused the makers of bump stocks of negligence for inflicting emotional distress on thousands of people.

Gasper also alleged battery and the intentional infliction of emotional distress against the estate of Paddock, arguing the shooter acted with malice and evil intent, causing her injuries.
After I watched the video that John A posted, I watched about another 1hr of related files that jumped up on the menu. Food for thought.
Just to do a quick followup, the "hide your head in the sand" and the "give them bump stocks so they don't want nothing else" technique is apparently not working.
According to this link, there have been 3 different bills now being proposed on top of the "bump stock" ban bill. I had a feeling they wouldn't just stop at gimmicky stocks.

House Dems propose bills to stop online ammo sales, ban mags

Among the proposals are HR.3962 to ban online ammunition sales, H.R. 4025 requiring gun dealers to report the sale of two or more rifles to the same person in a five-day period, and HR. 4052, which would ban magazines able to hold greater than 10 rounds.
They are really stupid.
They should focus on banning the real causes of shooting deaths: Buildings over 10 stories and Video Poker!
Well no more news about Mandalay Bay here as the Bay Area fires have taken over the news.

I am going to take the time and track down those audio recordings, and look at the wave forms. There's a lot of things you can do with some simple audio software to clean up recordings manipulate them & fake them as well.

But this is not possible on my cell phone really.

It will require me too fire up my hot rod computer, where I keep such software. I want to see those waveforms on the 27 inch professional graphics monitors.

The key is that they have to match within certain parameters but they can't match too well.
After watching that it occurred to me that while you can easily determine the flight time of a bullet, the target you assume controls the Circle which must intersect the position of the second shooter. Move the position of the target and the position of the shooter can move as well.

Now we're assuming that all of the bullets heard landed at the festival. But did they?

I think it would be extremely easy to tell by the scars on the concrete if you had bullets coming from two different directions, striking that plaza. It seems like that kind of evidence would be hard to ignore and cover up and conceal unless the number of bullets fired by the second shooter was extremely low or they did not land where we assume they did.

On the other hand I didn't hear of any other big shoot-em-ups that night in Las Vegas.

I do not know how loud this concert was. If they were rattling the windows at the Mandalay Bay that could have covered up a lot of shooting noise inside the hotel. It seems odd how long the reported police response time was on this case. It seems odd that this hotel which passes millions of dollars every day doesn't have better security.
i don't think it was a drone. too important to leave to a machine.
Well so far the most interesting theory that I have seen on YouTube is that the dead gunman is really a go-between in an arms smuggling entrapment scheme gone bad, but his girlfriend left the country & the wrong people were tipped off.

The perpetrators go to the hotel and instead of making the deal they stage the big Massacre, leave the guns behind and get away cold; leaving a dead spy in the wake.

Evidently the perpetrators are expected to be Isis sympathizers & we will not be hearing about it because the FBI was running this deal under the table.

Isis did take credit you remember . . . .
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Also I keep seeing videos reporting to show gun fire flashes from other windows in the hotel, but photos the next morning up here show no other windows broken out. I don't believe the windows in that hotel open at all but I may be wrong. I did lots of Hotel windows that only opened 6".

30 years ago I was designing fancy windows and doors for high-rise buildings. The casinos don't want patrons jumping out of their room after they've lost everything on the gambling floor as it's very bad publicity.
Hmmm . . . camera flashes of some tourist? . . . reflections? . . . 10,000 btu cigar lighters? Not enough resolution to tell for sure. It's the same with the sound files I have managed to download as well. Audio resolution is pretty poor, & there's a lot of background.

There are just so many people in such a place, it's very hard to imagine that anyone is able to keep this kind of grassy knoll stuff covered up, if it is real.
As none of you are probably aware, the security guard in the vegas shooting did an interview today.

On the Ellen show.

Said this was the only interview they were going to be doing.

No hard questions were asked, and basically nothing new was added to the story.

Well, turns out, Ellen has her own slot machines in MGM casino's and I think the reason that she was granted the interview at all, was to try to save face.

Err. Money.