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Re: Looking to buy from....

thanks for posting, they just quoted me $490 to deliver the 96A1 to one of the places close to me !!!
Re: Looking to buy from....

Holy mother!

That's a SWEET price oli. They're still moving for $550-$600 around here...
Re: Looking to buy from....

the sportsman warehouse wants 625 otd and its 5 miles from the small place

The Davidsons search is sweet, they tell you the price delivered and give a couple of local options. All the options were different prices . The lowest one for me was a small place I didnt even know had ffl dealings.
Re: Looking to buy from....

That was a good price Oli.

Under 5 bills for what you're getting, plus lifetime replacement warranty, you did good.

Just FWIW, Davidsons is where I bought my XD40. I have also ordered other guns from them for customers when I had my FFL's. Taurus PT92, a few 1911's, etc.
Re: Looking to buy from....

Holy mother!

That's a SWEET price oli. They're still moving for $550-$600 around here...

ummm yeah, I interpreted the price break down wrong...they want 660. :oops:
Re: Looking to buy from....

There is a mom&pop gun shop in the small burg about 4 mile away and they are a Davidsons vendor with a low price, well they're price is lower than most the other Davidsons vendors and competitive with the big box and larger gun shops.

I recently picked up a 77/357, from a larger shop and am considering getting a 77/44 as a companion to it. Range toys. I think next time I'm ready to buy, if the price is right Davidsons will get the nod!

Thanks guys!
Good info

Edit add;
For those who like Ruger products and the .357

A couple of good accessories companies

Not sure where to put this or if its even valid, but I was impressed enough that I feel compelled to do it :)

On Christmas night, I ordered some items off of Amazon. Upon checkout, I was disappointed to find that some of the items were shipping from different locations. As I checked it further though, I wasn't charged any more for shipping and I only had to pay one price.

Yesterday, Dec. 27th, I was shocked to find two packages in my mail box already! One was from GRG Manufacturing in California. The other was from Tactical Deals in New Jersey. GRG appears to be a Chinese owned company selling Chinese made products, but, the item ordered and received was even better than expected. I can't find much on TD except that they have a solid reputation on Amazon.

Anyway, I was impressed that both companies though located on either coast were able to get my items here quicker than the ones coming from Amazon's fulfillment center just a few hours away from me.

Not a good company to deal with. My item has not arrived after 11 days so far.
Phone calls not returned, emails not replied to. The owner has an answering service/receptionist
that deflects your phone calls with vague information. Aimpro charged my credit card and has not sent my item. I will be in dispute through my bank in 4 more days.

Just be forewarned
Korn60, please tell me you meant to say 11 "weeks"? Not days... because 11 days is pretty much normal, If not a few more days as well.
^ Agreed.

With all the goings on lately the industry is all sideways right now and Aimpro is no exception. We've had folks waiting months for their orders...
I disagree. Where is the common business courtesy to a customer to state in an email that the product was unavailable at the time. They charged my CC and took the money without so much an explanation as to why my merchandise has not shipped. Reputable companies at the very least wait to charge your CC until they have shipped your product. Aimpro is not reputable....

I have experienced good business dealings recently with GGandG, Cactus Tactical, Midway, Delta Force, The GlockStore, Brownells et all. Never seen the likes of dogs like these from Aimpro.....
Customer service is everything - the very reason I ship your order next day (6 days a week), have extended hours, and answer questions 7 days a week.
Yepper, finally spoke to Mike Shain of Aimpro 7 days ago about my item I ordered from him on April 26. It took me 30 seconds of conversation to know Mr. Shain has no integrity. He should sell used cars instead of gun accessories Bwaaaha.. a promise of USPS with delivery confirmation and email to track. Nada, zilch, zero, nothing.Anyway today my bank got my money credited back to me today. Soooo a lesson learned and AimPro is definitely off my list of vendors....
Well....good to hear your money is returned. Bad to hear about Mr.Shain's ethics. Shameful.
business praise threads

I've seen this on other forums and it seems to be popular! Any thought about this? A few places I purchased from are

Wilson combat
Ballistic products
Sportsman's guide

Would like the good and bad from everyone try to keep it buisiness oriented though!
never did get the 96A1...I remember the price turned out to be a misinterpretation on my part somehow I read that number and got the stupid....then I got into the CZ and never looked back......Got the CZ from Buds, went good but took forever.....still want a Beretta but a 9mm......man Beretta should come out with a 10mm auto...a 97A1, 17 round mag
Re: business praise threads

Guess I should have refined my search I'm OK with deleting this thread and continuing yours