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Re: business praise threads

OK sounds good to me! I don't like to read stories of someone getting burned but I know a lot of places still care about the customer!
Like to add a few places to the good guys list!

Midway USA
WWW.midway USA.com

As covered before great place and prices great website shipping was pretty quick!

Wilson combat
WWW.Wilson combat.com

Ordered a few things from them quick shipping great company awesome products!

Ballistic products
WWW.ballistic products.com

Great reloading site shipping is a bit high in my onion but it arrive at my door in a timely fashion will continue to buy from them!

Sportsman's guide

Have been a long time customer always have been taken care of their website is a little tough at times but a really good catalog helps with the web search!

All for now will add more shortly!
any reviews on s&j hardware? seems like they are the only online shop that ships internationally..

im thinking of ordering from them, i have emailed of a price qoute on mossberg 590 items yesterday..

no reply as of this writing...
I've always had good experiences with them. I have bought AR uppers and lowers, a bolt, a bolt carrier group, and a ton of ammo. They have some pretty good sales. Shipping is consistently slow, usually about two weeks. But if you know that ahead of time you can deal with it.


Fast shipping, and the best prices on SD/HD ammo. They usually have the 50 round boxes for the same price others sell the 20 round boxes.


Same as sgammo.


Good service. 10% discount for club members (5% on ammo) Lots of free shipping specials lately.


Good service, fast shipping. If you want some excellent quality, hot shooting ammo, this is the place, especially for 10mm.


Excellent, low priced, ammo mostly on the low end of the power range, but reliable and well made. Great plinking ammo.
Went back and read your post. I wasn't aware of the problem with the FM 9mm cases, as all mine performed flawlessly. (Standard velocity). Glad they took care of you and refunded your money. They have a pretty good CS rep.

Georgia Arms. Yes, forgot to mention them. They make some pretty darn good ammo. Problem for me is their shipping costs. The farther West you go, the more they charge. Don't understand this because I thought UPS charged by weight, not distance. Could be wrong. I ordered a couple hundred rounds of .45 Colt from them, just to try them. It's good, very hot, ammo, for Ruger only. Starline brass. For my location in Central Texas, shipping starts at $20 for a 100 round pack.
Ga arms is my favorite of all the major reloaders. Wisconsin Cartridge isn't too bad either, but Ga arms is closer and usually a little cheaper.

I've used a ton of GA Arms reloads in all different calibers. I have no concern about shooting them.

I'm starting to load my own 9mm now, but I still have a BUNCH of their subsonic 9mm to go through.
Ordered a scope from Big Supply Shop.

I found the scope for $30+ less than listed on SWFA which had previously been the least expensive place I've seen the scope listed. I was sceptical but looked up reviews and most were positive and the few negative reviews described issues with a product/manufacturer defect or product improperly labeled but nothing directly Big Supply Shops error.

I ordered and emailed them a couple times and the owner, Cory, promptly answered my questions. I had the scope in my hands one week from time of purchase. I know some places ship faster but I think the time line is typical. Shipping was about $11, and for a few dollars more, an amazon prime member could have had the scope in a few days. It didn't matter to me as I'm not shooting until today anyway.

Over all, I view my experience with Big Supply Shop as being positive.
I'm looking at the Pro AA500 Tactical Package but at around $80 is it too good to be true? It is junk? Am I in the wrong forum? If the answer is yes to the third question I'll ask for some latitude. I've only been in here for a few days.

pro aa500 moss 500-590 Tact.jpg
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Well, since I'm here, I want to add two more good guys to the list:

Outdoor Limited and Joe Bob Outfitters. I have ordered several times from them lately. Decent prices and fast shipping.
since i am in NY and most places are either closed due to pandemic or infested for being open, i decided to buy some ammo online.
turns out its tricky because most places wont ship to people in NY, some will and i found 4 and ordered from all 4.
is one of them. i ordered last night and got a friendly email this morning that my order ships monday morning.
so far so good.

now i'm up to 1000 rounds which was my goal to stockpile for 12ga, a mix of few types and brands.

edit: ups delivered the 250 fiocchi shotgun shells to my door unscathed.
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I want to give a shout out to my friends at Thunder Tactical. LINK I have used their sister company for anodizing for over a decade. When I pickup or dropoff parts to be anodized in person, I'll take the opportunity to tour both businesses and purchase 80% items from TT. They usually cut me a killer deal on blems and other parts and help me empty the pocketfull of cash I bring... :D They are also sometimes on Gunbroker HERE (not currently...)
here is another vendor that will ship to me in NY

i ordered 250 nobel sport target rounds 12 ga and got the ship notice 6 days later. this order will get me to my 1000 round goal.

price was ok and they took credit card without additional fees.
after 3 weeks of "backorder" targetsportsusa just cancelled my order for some buckshot.

just placed another order through ammosupplywarehouse and will see how this goes.
saved me $2 but its a letdown waiting all that time to have it cancelled.

guess thats how it goes.