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With tears in my eyes!

Nice lookin' pelt on that GH! Did you harvest it? ;) Some dogs just kill to protect you. Some are bloodthirsty. :( As long as he didn't bite you when you pulled him off.

My cousin has this big dog, probably about 125lbs. Looks like a brindle dobie on steroids. I think he is part Bullmastiff. Anyway, I'm at my shop and there is a feral kitten on top of my tire so I chase it out of the yard as I do the rest of the feral cats. Don't want to inadvertently lock one in my shop. Cuz shows up with the dog and within 2min Bruno has chomped the kitten lifeless. No blood or mauling.

I had a dog, Alex and a cat, Coolio that would bring me "presents". A couple rabbits, numerous mice and rats, several bluejays and even an eel! They were outdoor animals except to eat or come in at night or the cold. We were about a block from a saltwater estuary but I never figured out which one brought the eel home... :D

Alex would travel with me sometimes and I took her to a farm to look at a truck to buy. The kid asks me "does your dog attack chickens?" "I don't think so" I replied. A few minutes later as I'm looking over the truck I hear a ruckus and look over to see my dog shaking a chicken in her mouth! :eek: I yell "ALEX!" and she drops the chicken then slinks over to my pickup and hops in. She had a bunch of feathers sticking out of her mouth. :D Chicken was OK but to add insult to injury I did not end up buying the truck...
No on the harvest, honestly it never crossed my mind. And no he never made any aggressive moves at me(He knows who the Alpha is).
And he has just been his happy little self sense.
We have had our new boy for a year and he has the same temperament as you describe. I had the same concern about ours being protective. My wife came home the other day, the front door was open and she was quiet and whispered his name through the door and he went berserk. If it had been a stranger I think he would have tried to eat them.
I believe your guy will be the same if someone came to your door unexpected by him.