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With tears in my eyes!

Years ago I worked with one of the meanest SOB'S to ever walk the planet and one morning we lost a dog(a member of our family, a daughter to us Kita) and I called in to work that morning to tell them I would be late cause our Rottweiler Kita passed in the night and I had to take care of her. And who answered the phone ? That SOB Jeane!! And obviously I broke up and told him what had happened. And in the kindest voice I've ever heard "" A man is not a man till he has shed tears over a dog and don't worry about it"" Well today I am in the same bucket. Apollo's lead broke and he chased a loud car into the street and was taken from us to early. And he will be missed. And yes I have tears for him !!! We have talked about it and we want another German shepherd, so we are looking into adopting a retired police dog.Man this sucks!!! He was a beautiful good boy and was loved ! We will be looking local but if anyone knows of a retired police Shepard close to IN let me know. 127 lbs of screw you gone, the driver that took him from us didn't stop. BASTARDS!


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Sorry for your loss, Rudy. :( We just had to put down the kid's/wife's dog and they were really broke up about it. Little foofy dog that tolerated me... ;) I shed some tears as well... :(
Ah man, so sorry. And he was a handsome feller too.

Love shepherds...my last one weighed in at 120lbs of...yeah, screw you is a good way to put it. What a suck-hole to the family though LOL!! But a whole pack of trouble to anyone looking for it. He was trained by a guy I worked with a long time ago, he was a trainer for the police in England back in the 80's and rode the K9 riot vans back when things were really tense with the IRA and such. Anyway, what a dog. Need to get another.

Always hurts to lose a family member.
I'm sorry to hear about that.

Most people who hit animals while they're driving won't stop. For a myriad of reasons.
So sorry to hear that. Just remember all the good years you gave him and he gave you.
If you kill somebody’s Licensed dog or a domestic animal like a cow, horse, or goat, with a car here, and you run, and do not report this, it’s treated almost the same as hit/and-run with a human.

You can be arrested and you can go to jail. You can lose your license and pay a $10,000 fine. They can impound your car.

On the other hand, if you hit a cat nobody cares.
It's not like that here.

At all.

It's a road hazard.

But the animals owner could be held liable for damages caused from it being in the roadway (where it didn't belong).

Also, here, if an unwanted animal is in your yard and damages your property (or even poops or pees on it) or is acting in a threatening manner, you can legally dispatch that animal.

And again, hold the owner liable for damages.

The moral of the story, you have animals, keep them on YOUR property and off of everyone elses'.
While it is true that an animal’s owner could be held liable for damages in many circumstances, you must prove negligence in most cases.

Most people don’t let the animals run around on purpose. But animals escape by accident all the time. People damage other peoples fences. Frequently. Animals chew through fences. There’s a lot of fence fixing that goes on.

If you hit a wild animal here, like a deer or a bear, you have to report that as well. You won’t be held negligent unless they find out you were drunk,.

But if you hit a deer, with your car, and stuff it in the trunk, you could wind up in prison. Depends on whether you have a history as a poacher. ;)
I guess KY is different.

Eating road kill is fine and dandy.

FWIW, I saw a doe run across the road and get hit with a car one night. I turned around to check on the guy that hit it. OK other than being pissed. Guy who hit it even helped load it into the trunk of my car. And when I got home, spent the next 3 hours under a street light skinning and butchering it and grateful for the food.

Nothing illegal about it.

California has too many stupid laws, and politicians who make the laws.

So, I'm going to bow out of the topic because I understand what rude was going through. I've had to put down animals before and lost animals before.
I guess KY is different...

Very much.

And my sympathies to the rude one.

I know exactly what it’s like to come home and find your dog is gone forever.

I sat on the floor with Mickey, and he died in my arms from old age.

We have our own pet cemetery full of little bones and ashes.
Unlike Apollo we knew this was coming. Holly is a Wolf - German shepherd mix, she is a rescue 14-15 yrs old. She has not eaten or drank or been outside in 3 days, lethargic and when she walks bumps into things and falls down if she makes it threw the night tomorrow she will make her last visit to the vet and be sent on to her next life where she and 8 others(dogs & cats) will be waiting for me and Mary. After 30 yrs we have been threw a few. She will be missed cause she was a DAMN good Dog IMG_20200126_141830777.jpg IMG_20200124_070636892_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg


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I really hate this part of being close to an animal.

This stage is generally where all you can do is to try to keep her comfortable.

I'm sorry
I really hate this part of being close to an animal.

This stage is generally where all you can do is to try to keep her comfortable.

I'm sorry
We hope she makes it threw the night so we all can be there for her at the end,but on the other it will be just fine if she goes in her sleep in the home she is loved. Thanks man!
So sorry Rude. Tough especially right on the heels of your last faithful companion.

I hope it ends well for her without pain.