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Ghost Ring Sights

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No I try not to bother anyone unless it in necessary. I will give them a call. See if they are on wait again.
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Exactly what my blunderbuss needs. This and a good flashlight mount.........
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I just checked this out. What a nice piece of work that is . I would be proud to have that on my shotgun
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Well It's here. Just instlled it last night. Great looking piece. Beautiful fit and finish. The GRS part is a little smaller overall than the original and the ring itself is a little smaller. Not a problem, I actually think I will like it better. Closer to an AR rear.
One question asked earlier was will it co witness with the front sight with the green dot. Unfortunately no.
the Holo sight is to high. It is the smallest I have seen. Never intended to use it that way, just needed the GSR as back up in case of malfunction. just pull off holo and back to work.
pics to follow this weekend.
I need help, how does one go about adjusting the ghost ring sights for dead on accuracy, is the front sight adjustable also, thanks for any input.
Both Elevation and windage adjustment is on the rear sight. Elevation in on the rear of the sight and windage is on the right side.
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OK lets try this again. Here is pic of the new GRS with rail.
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OMG, I've been trying to find something like this for a while. Thanks for the pictures, helped me make my decision. Ordering one today ... as I ordered a red dot without having a rail yet. :oops: Thanks for reminding me.
Ok, so what’s the groups advice for adding ghost sites to a new Mossberg 930 auto 12ga? It’s not the SPX, 18.5 barrel. Any suggestions, I know there’s a lot of aftermarket parts for Mossberg, but I’m not sure about the 930 yet, will any other platform close enough or the same as the 930 to allow to interchange or use parts from them? I’m guessing the 500 is off limits, which seems to have the most. Thanks guys.

You can have the SPX sights added, but the front sight post will have to be silver soldered on and the barrel will need refinishing after. Adding the rear SPX sight is as simple as installing a receiver rail and mounting the aperture...
I have a Mossberg 590 special purpose, would like to install a ghost ring or small red dot sight, mine unit has a heat shield and a brass front site: Any advice on how to process. I did introduce myself already at the new member area.
Thank you
Be safe
sealow, from Las Vegas, NV
I was wondering about the adjustment on the ghost ring sights on my 590. Yesterday, I was shooting 1oz slugs out to 100 yards. It was shooting very low for my aimpoint. I did not adjust the rear elevation screw, I just held over to get on paper. So, here's my question. To raise my poi, the rear sight adjustment needs to be turned downward...? This should raise the sight picture...?

Am I on the right track?
It's the opposite.

Raising the rear sight will bring the front sight up into the new sight picture and raise your point of impact...
Thanks. I did figure it out by raising the rear sight. Now, the sight picture is the top of the front pin in the center of the rear ring. Correct?