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John A. said:
I recently saw a machete/knife/saw combo blade at wal mart for $30 that I really liked.

It was almost downright spooky looking.

http://www.camillusknives.com/product/8 ... 3B_Machete


Uh oh....Johns gunna be jealous too!
I really got to use this today, I played survivorman out in the woods all afternoon. Lots of chopping of dead hardwoods up to about 3 inch diameter. The length is good for chopping and not being unwieldy. The blade thickness is good and ads weight. The handle is pretty comfortable. After a couple hours I started getting sore at the base of my index finger, an between the thumb. But the knife held an edge very well. I could still shave curly cues off sticks with ease. The sheath is way to light an flimsy to really be any good. I didn't bother doing any sawing, with the serrations, and had no use for the gut hook. But other than that I really like it.
just looked through this, some nice stuff out there. but to be honest a plain old machete will do just about anything and everything. I grew up on a small island in the pacific till I was 10. learned a lot about survival. one thing is that most including toddlers were adept at using a machete. got a cutting job to do, use a machete. got a carving to do, use a machete. sure they have and use other knives but the machete was ever present. the machete I have now was one I got from that island when I was 12. so its 53 years old and still going strong though granted it hasn't been used in a long time. I look at knives with kiss in mind.
now can anyone explain to me as to why one would need saw teeth on the back of a machete ? that is not only dangerous but to me a true hindrance to the use of a machete.
Heres what I can tell you about it;

My friend has been using hs for 3 years now for the same annual sort of work, which is clearing his property, the same property we go to shoot! He hacks the poison oak and saplings. It does flex but is solid in the handle. It says Gerber, but its also the made in China Gerber... So for less than $20, its a decent purchase I think. The only thing he has had to do with his is to sharpen it occasionally and sharpens old school by hand, starts with a file if needed, then a stone and polishes the edge.

Now for my $20 purchase about a year and a half ago. I got this at a flea market in Jersey. It too is made in China. I looked at a bunch of machetes that day, most were of the almost non functional variety, the kind with spiked handles and cheap steel blades that arent full tang... This one was mixed in the pile. Its full tang blade has a solid wood grip which is riveted through. It is 440 stainless and is good solid blade, its quite wide and doesnt flex much at all, quite thicker than the Gerber pictured. The wood was a lighter color, so I sanded and stained it then finished with oil and wrapped the leather around it. It was a little slender for me personally but adding the leather took care of that! The sheath is a generic thin cordura thing, though I may yet one day make a leather sheath for it... just hasnt been important yet. I use it regularly on my property for clearing brush my weed eater cant handle and for holding the woods back! The woods tend to wanna sneak up on my yard! :lol:

this is about the only knife I have any lust for. a little similar to the seax knives.
Got this one for free...the blade is 18" / 23" overall and came with the 28" Voodoo Tactical Shotgun Scabbard pictured below it.

Holds a pretty good edge...don't know the grade of steel, it has no markings at all. And as you can see...it's been used quite a bit.


Yeah, that just happened, while my sweetheart was chopping with it. I had read in the reviews of other people having the same issue. But it wont be the first thats broke on me. I just re-shape them and continue using.
Camillus Carnivore maxx. Had it about a year now I think. I posted pics earlier in this thread when I got it.
Eh I'm gonna keep a hold of it. Ive been looking at some 12 inch knives anyway. I'll trim up the tip and re sharpen it. Did the same thing with an Ontario I broke years ago.
Just a tip. When using a knife and specially machette you should never lever the knife/machette sideways if the blade is in the wood. They were not made to do this. Only move the blade up and down in line with the blade.
makote.jpg Not proud of the current machete on my XL350--I think it is a HF "cheapie"... :) But I've had a machete on this bike since about day 1 when I bought it new in 1985. :D

No, I'm not riding through crowds of goblins swinging and lopping, gaining mega-points! ;) On occasion on a trail I would encounter growth that needed to be trimmed back and the machete is the tool for the job.