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Model Identification Help: Which Mossberg 500 Do I Have?

Welcome to the forum from Florida and congrats on your new Mossy. You get a chance post a pic or two.
I have an older 12Ga. Mossberg Watchdog, Mfg#50416, 6 shot, 18.5 barrel and synthetic stocks. It came with a tactical light, laser and a Mossberg mount that clamps on the magazine tube. It's been upgraded with a Magpul MOE forend & rail section, Streamlight TRL-1S and XS Big Dot front sight.

My other 500 is an ancient 12 Ga. "Camo Combo", synthetic stocks, slug barrel with rifle sights and a vent rib barrel with choke tubes. It's primarily used for turkey hunting.
You would have to ask Mossberg about that trigger.

It's a 500. Best pump gun on the market. In my not so humble opinion.
I have no clue on the trigger either, but I sure do like the vent rib pump guns!
The gold triggers are the mark of the 500 "Crown Grade" models.

If I remember correctly, these models also featured polished internals, better grade walnut furniture, a metal safety tab, and deeper blueing...
Just got a new Cruiser 500 50138 20 gauge Parkerized with heatshield 18.5 pistol grip.

Back on the side of the box prints MAVFG-201.

So is this an authentic Mossberg or a Maverick? Thanks for any clarification.
Can I just say how much of a PITA it is to find/order a LH shotgun? I want a 500 with 18" and you'd think I was asking for someone's first born:mad:
I remember Mossberg announced that they were rolling out more left handed models at SHOT last year. Haven't seen any for sale anywhere though...
i actually just ordered one through Mossberg and is being delivered to a local shop that i didn't know existed. Tried a few other local shops that weren't Mossy "dealers," and a few big box stores. My 590 will have a little bro soon! Now excited to do a build on it :)