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Mossberg Customer Service Thread...

So I got my replacement barrel for my 590a1 from Mossberg today. I don't know if I just got unlucky or if there quality control is really slacking. When I got the replacement barrel out the box I noticed the front sight base looked scratched (this 590a1 has ghost ring sights). So I inspect it closer and see that who ever staked the front sight gouged up the sight base. That's not the worst part though. The sight isn't even staked to the sight base. So the front sight slides around and I can take it off with my fingers. This is my first Mossberg and I've heard got things about them but this is making me doubt them. I emailed Norma Martinez about how this situation is going to be fixed but I'm just frustrated right now.
I talked with Joseph Zakher from Mossberg today and I can't say enough good things about him. I told him what I did to my gas seal on my 930 and he assured me many people had done the same thing. He offered to have me send it in and they would re-install it at no charge. I told him I finally got it back in myself and he congratulated me. It's nice to know that if I have a problem with this platform they are there to help. What a great ally for this forum to have. Thanks to Lazy Eyed Sniper for recommending him to me and thanks to Joseph!!!!!
This thread is the reason I joined. To thank both this community and Joe Zakher.

I wanted a wood furniture set for my brand new 500 and couldn't find anyone who carried forends, see? Havlin Sales was very useful in getting an action tube of the size I needed, but I passed on the mismatched and blemished sets they and Numrich sell. So I got a used one from FleaBay in great condition instead and went to town on it because I wanted to make it mine and was going for an old school look. Since it was my first wood refinishing job I struggled a bit (switched from TruOil to Boiled Linseed Oil in a hurry) and even panicked at one time, thinking I'd never get it right. So I decided to spare myself the hassle order straight from Mossberg.

Well, you all know how that went: no response to my emails and crazy wait times on the phone. But armed with Mr. Zakher's email (obtained here) I contacted the man and he took care of everything for me. Days later I had a brand spanking new set in my hands.
I finally received a response from Mossberg, by the way, a full month after I emailed them and way too late. So I can't really comment on Mossberg's CS except to say that it seems understaffed and antiquated. But Mr. Zakher, who's probably a busy man, did come through. And so did the members who turned me on to him.

Here's a pic of the set I got from him next to the one I refinished. The price was barely more than what most eBay folks want for used (and sometimes less), and I should've started there. For now my 500 sports the used set that I'm not afraid to beat up and that I kinda managed to make look OK (the staining is uneven). If only Mossbergs parts order system was more modern, like directly from the site...


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You don't even want to know how much money I tied up in a Winchester 1300 a while back changing the handguard, slide action, and barrel. I could've probably bought a whole other shotgun, but I was on a mission to get it to the old school riot gun look.

Though in all fairness, I did cut and recrown the new barrel, reblued the end, and threaded it for a bead all in one whack.
I hear you, John. It's probably shocking for a salesperson to quote a price that represents 1/2 or 1/3 of the firearm's cost for a purely cosmetic part and to hear, "Whatever it costs. That's what I want." Traditionalists tend to gravitate towards entry-level guns, not so much because of cost, but because of their absence of tacticality. Then the accessories and the mods can quickly go over the initial expense for the item. Been there so many times with 1911s... And that's where a healthy customer service would be handy. Thankfully, my tastes and needs in shotguns are pretty simple.
I don't really think it's so much that the 1300 parts are priced high (even though they are), it's just that there are a finite number of parts out there for them considering they're not being made anymore. So prices reflect that.

Thankfully, I got a smokin' deal on the gun itself, otherwise, it wouldn't have went that way, and I still have the 28" vent rib threaded barrel for hunting, while now also having the riot/trench for HD use.

But glad that you got your shotgun lined out. Mossberg should cherish Mr. Zakher. He is a true asset to them.
I meant something along the lines of spending $100 for a mere change from plastic to wood furniture when the gun itself can be had for like $250. Or like the $600+ I put into a $550 Milspec. Some people might wonder why I didn't buy higher end guns given the final expense, but it's about owning exactly what we want, right? And that's priceless.

As for Mr. Zakher, yes he certainly is!
I emailed Mr. Zakher about a poor call I had with CS regarding a picatinny rail for a bolt action rifle. I got the basic model because the model that came with the picatinny rail had a P.O.S. scope (okay, I admit it, I'm a scope snob).

So I called CS and they told me that they didn't have a picatinny rail for the rifle I bought and that the "upgraded model's" picatinny rail would not work.

Mr. Zakher said he clarified with her and the upgraded model's picatinny rail would work for me. He said he would send one out to me. I sent him my shipping address but I haven't heard back from him.

I'll let everyone know when/if I receive the rail!
Well just emailed Zakher, will see how good CS is. I have been emailing for a week and still no reply back.
I had a 18inch smooth barrel in Real Tree AP on order with them. I placed the order Sep 23, 2015 and was told 2-3 weeks, but it is a special order barrel.

I'm in North Carolina by the way.

Got the barrel in 5 days including the weekend shipped from Eagle Pass, Tx.

That was quick!! Oh and the cost was less then qouted 105.13 shipped was qouted 114.00 shipped
My Mother (May God rest her soul) always said, "It is not WHAT you SAY-it is HOW you say it."
I used to work public contact (MAJOR air line) with a guy from New York city. He could tell someone off big time and they would say "why, thank you very much!"
He was so smooth they did not realize he had just told them $%&#.....
We used to simply marvel at this guy....
Moderators: I hope this is the place to post this; it relates to a Mossberg 500. If not, feel free to move to a more appropriate place.

I recently received a Cylinder bore (18.5") barrel for my 500E, purchased direct from Mossberg over Christmas. In looking at it carefully after installing, I noticed that the bead was definitely a little to the left of center. That is, the hole in the barrel was a little off.

I called Mossberg Customer Service. After a short explanation, the nice person on the other end of the phone told me a new barrel would be on the way, with a label to ship the old one back to them, all at no cost to me. The barrel arrived today, and the bead is perfectly centered. I'll be boxing up and sending the old barrel back.

This is what good customer service looks like. A part was a little out of spec, and they made it right, without argument and without additional cost to me. Kudos to Mossberg!
I had a similar experience with my 500 missing the front sling stud. Had a new one on the way no questions asked. Well only they asked was what color finish. Nothing but smiles from me.

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