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Post Your EDC Blade

Every day that I work there now is a fixed blade knife that is very quick to reach. I've tried several; the Ka-Bar TDI, the Cold Steel push knife with the wicked blade and T-handle... okay but just not right for me. I paid both of them forward to friends for them to try out (hopefully successfully).

I sprung a lot more money for an ESEE-3 with linen micarta handles. I just love it and have carried it non-stop for over a year. It does EVERYTHING I need it to do in the field. There is a folder in my calf pouch, which is a CRKT M21-04 big and strong but too slow if I really really want a knife and want it NOW. IMO a fixed blade makes a lot more sense.

Around town if i can partially conceal it I just tote a Gerber fixed blade with a drop point in a cordura belt sheath.

I just picked up an ESEE-4 to compliment my dedicated Junglas for camping. I kinda regret not getting the ESEE-3 and using it for an EDC. The 4 is just a little too big. Still easy enough to carry, but I think the 3 would be ideal around town. Good excuse to buy another ESEE, right???

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Esee is nice. Easy to change out the scales on em. I'm good at it now....
I don't own any knives from Damascus steel and I really would like to have one. I looked at a whole lot of inexpensive ones for sale that are probably made in Pakistan out of old cables and chains. Anyhow I started a thread just for Damascus steel.
No it is a two dot from about 1975.

Here's my two dot 111 Classic from 1988. Purposefully crummy photo so it doesn't show my first and last name in the engraving.


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Mine has some engraving on it but it doesn't really show up in the photographs I posted.

It's not really very good and I'm thinking that the new knife will stay the way it is and the old 110 will get re-customized.

They have changed the rivet arrangement on the new 110 by adding a rivet, and that upsets my plan for customizing which was based on the old scale pattern.

There you go. Bought it when they first appeared by Benchmade. I thought it was the bees knees, best most practical folder I had ever seen. Carried it for many years in several countries. Done most things from opening cans, to freeing a firearm stoppage or two to minor surgery. Unlike me, its tough and as tight today as it was the day I bought it.
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Did you do the modification to the older buck? I’ve never seen one done like that. I think it looks pretty cool.


Thank you.

Back about 1974 I completely reshaped the handle, mostly with files, and the design was mine. I cut it down about as much as I could without exposing the edge and point. I cut down the back of the handle, exposing the lock bar somewhat. I reshaped the lock bar a bit & I made the whole knife thinner too.

I did not reshape the blade though. Buck did that over the years.
I dug out the never dull and buffed up the old Buck knife for these photos.

The close-up photos show a lot of scars because I used to carry this knife everyday and it has opened a lot of boxes and oil cans. It got tossed out once and the dog got ahold of it. I lost it on the seat of a tractor once and found it again. I actually carried it on the job when I was a Teamster.

I always carried it when I rode the motorcycle. Nowadays it just sits around on my desk waiting for a box to come in the mail.

The pommel is cut down as far as I could without exposing the tip of the blade, or reducing the overall length of the knife.

You can see that when I cut the handle down I cut it right down to the level of the tang.

I cut the thumb notch in as far as I could without completely exposing the lock bar. To file the back you simply open the blade halfway and then wrap it with tape so you don't cut the snot out of yourself.

Then the lock bar drops...
I really like the shape of the pommel and the way the lock bar sticks up out of the knife open or closed

The engraving was done by photography and acid etching and I did not choose the actual pattern.

It hasn't been this shiny in 45 years.