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Post Your EDC Blade

Oh yeah. When one gets dull, just change it and it's sharp as a razor again. :lol:

But seriously, you gotta be careful with the new blades. I couldn't count the times my thumb has touched a new one and I look down with blood dripping everywhere and it so sharp you didn't even know you cut yourself.
I carry a leatherman as well. I can't ask for a better EDC for my needs. But I do have my Buck 110 as my hunting blade.
*sorry for the lack of pics, uploading issues :cry:
I am rough on my knives, the points are rounded off on these two. Cell phone picture. Again Workhorses ;)

I have an E.W. Stone Skull and Cobra Knife (The Skull Knuckle Knife posted above). I posted some pictures in the knife section.
Yes sir, bought the Spectre in 2003, and the Black Out in 2004. They are very sturdy knives, I have yet to wear them out.

As you can see I do use my EDC often, no shiney new blade here. The delicas are highly adjustable, they can be carried tip up or down, blade forward or backward. They have just about every type of favorable quality in a EDC - slim, sure grip, heavy duty handle, excellent steel, low cost, etc.

My requirements for EDC are.
1. No assisted opening - I don't need to get into a debate with a LEO on why its legal or not (they are in Nevada but automatic knives are not) if they want to "confiscate" it.
2. Must be under blade legal length - so they don't try to do me a favor and "confiscate" it and not run me downtown.
3. Never carry an expensive kive like (an Emerson), it must be something that will not hurt the wallet if lost, dropped, or "confiscated".
4. Must be light and slim, something I can still put my hands in my pocket that holds the knife.
as posted in the CRKT thread


stays closed solidly but opens with a light flick of the wrist, or my index finger, locks solid and has a simple manual lock to lock it open if i want...used to be harder to open but after 10 years she's smooth as silk and predictable every time. will always carry CRKT.
Some very nice knives posted. I'm not a big knife guy but everybody needs a few don't they. Here's the ones I actually use plus a new Gerber I got today. I wanted to pick up a Boker Subcom too but they were out of the one I wanted. I'll get it next time.

Very nice!

Have you checked out any internet retailers for the Subcom? I ordered most of mine. They can be had for $20-$30 on-line...
Very nice!

Have you checked out any internet retailers for the Subcom? I ordered most of mine. They can be had for $20-$30 on-line...
I started to order it (camo w/serrated edge) online when I got home. Since the Gerber I got was serrated I decided I'd get the G10 Subcom plain edge. They had it for only about $5 more than online.
Sweet, I hope you get your hands on one soon. The SubClaw is my favorite, but I really like all of the knives in the series...
It was your pics in this thread that got me interested in them. I'll probably pick it up tomorrow or Saturday. I'm sure I'll end up with a serrated too.
It's more gray than green to me.

I've seen the photos you're talking about on-line and I had the same confusion until I actually got my hands on one. I think the color is meant to blend in with ACU camo. Put it next to a foliage green it looks gray, but next to something gray it looks a bit green. I guess that's what Boker means when they call it camo. It'll kinda blend in either way.
Glad I could spark an interest. Here's a new pic...

I really like these.