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What calibers do you shoot?

GunnyGene said:
GunnyGene said:
I guess I'm the oddball here. Doesn't anyone else do .22mag or .41mag? :D

Not yet!

Almost picked up a S&W PC 657 in .41mag last year. By the time I made up my mind somebody else got to it before I did...

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. ;) :mrgreen:

Don't forget the occasional nuke...

Our club has a 3 gun match today but I'll miss it. Wife is headed south to close on her Dad's house tomorrow and there is a 2-day Harley drag race about an hour or so north of here. Gonna go breathe some nitro fumes...it's been a while.
aksavanaman said:
.22LR, 9mm, .357mag, 5.56x45mm, 7.62x54R, .30-06, and 12 Gauge ( At least three of my weapons share the same caliber :D )

Here's WHY I chose to shoot these calibers (and I'm gonna pretend like it's pre Dec 2012)

.22lr..... cheap to shoot, excellent all around and pretty self explanatory!

9mm.... cheap to shoot, common availability, good round when you choose the right load, capacity for most service weapons is high (16+ rounds is common), world wide commonality

.357mag... common availability for many different revolvers, ability to shoot .38 spec, good round for fending off non human critters (using the right load of course), recoil compared to other magnum rounds is on the lower end

5.56x45mm (.223)... my AR won't shoot without it :lol: , very accurate depending on the platform, cheapest out of the rifle calibers, very low recoil, inside 300yds you can't beat the size/weight abilities compared to stopping power against soft human targets

7.62x54R.... pretty much just for the Mosin Nagant, but it's got good performance as a battle round and super cheap to stock up on... everyone should own a Mosin!

.30-06 Sprng.... Damn fine hunting round that's stocked everywhere! It'll kill all animals in North America (and other places!), has good long range performance.... and of course it makes my Garand purr ;)

12 Guage.... Power, availability, firepower, performance... sorry, you can't beat a good 12 gauge pump :cool:
Still working on getting photos small enough to post so words will have to do.

.177 air rifle, good and cheep, easy to set up range and handles problems in the garden.

.22Lr Hard not to have one

.223 REM Nice and handy and will cope with most things

.270 WIN Latest addition for those longer shots and as my loan rifle

.303 Brit Because it gets the job done.

Roll my own for the last 3 and have a selection that will handle anything I might have to deal with from close in to way across the valley. Nothing in a short barrel as that would be against our law and not needed anyway although I did like the 9mm Luger I had a go with once. Not into bird hunting so no shotguns.

Short and simple list but works for me.

I'm either boring or practical:
7.62 x 39 (don't reload this - all the rest, I do)
Plenty of guns - easy on the caliber spread.
45 will probably join the ranks in 2013.
.22lr, 9mm, 5.56, 16ga, 12 ga

I operate on mostly common calibers...nothing like interchange...

And I say 5.56 only because my MVP and AR are the only things that use it, but of course you can only get good hunting/target loads in .223

I must be the luckiest guy on the planet regarding .22lr - I walked into Walmart for milk and walked out with three bricks of Automatch, and found Cabelas was selling Golden Bullet bricks for 26.16 in store pickup, so of course I got 5 of those...I think I might be the only one that has had their .22lr stock go up during this craziness - and I (and my daughter) shoot it a lot....
.22LR, 270 Win, 30-30 Win, 12 gauge

Sooo, I said whaddya think of this pic for our Christmas cards this year? The wife said..."not likely pal."

I thought it was festive and earthy............... :lol:


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.177, .22, .22lr, .22short, .223/5.56, 7.62x39, 25-20, 30-06, .308, 300SAV, 9mm, .38, 357MAG, 44MAG, 45Colt, 20G, 16G, 12G.

Not all mine but I do shoot them all.
.22lr in pistol & rifle
9x18 Makarov
9mm para

.204 Ruger
.270 Winchester

My calibers ... I've bolded the ones I shoot the most:

- .22 lr
- .25
- .32
- 9mm
- .38 spl
- .357
- .243
- 30-06
- 12 gauge
.22lr, .223/5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x51/.308, 12g, .357 mag and .40 s&w
.22 .38 .357 .380 .45
.30-.30 7.62x.39. 7.62x.54

410 20 & 12 all made in my Dungeon
.45 ACP
9mm Luger

.380 auto (just added)
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I reload the ones in bold... the others are cheaper to buy than reload..!!