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Gun Registration in Nazi Germ...I Mean CT


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It's a sad day for our brothers in CT. Gun and magazine registration taking place for the new laws taking effect tomorrow. I hope most will resist this. NY won't release information regarding non compliance with their crappy laws. I hope the folks of CT refuse to cooperate. Any word from CT? I hope most aren't like this "it just fine with me" tool:
Charles Gillette, who was registering magazines, told the news station that he would have a problem with it if the state was trying to ban the magazines or firearms, but said “if they want to just know where they are, that’s fine with me.”

It's a sad day indeed:
Connecticut residents waited in long lines on Thursday to register their firearms and high-capacity magazines before the state’s new gun laws go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

WFSB-TV reports that a “long-line of people” stood outside the Public Safety Building in Middletown, Conn., all day to register semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. Several residents were upset with the “unconstitutional” requirement, while at least one person didn’t appear to mind.
I am curious how they plan to do/track this.

If they minded, why were they there at all? What happened to "United We Stand", "Safety in Numbers", etc.

Magazines do not have a serial number, or any other unique identification. There is no way to tell a magazine that you own, from another in Florida, or Montana, or New Mexico.

I'm sure that will get me on file for inciting civil disobedience.
The folks in Connecticut are not a happy bunch either. I suspect a recall effort if they have and gonadotrophic hormone left in them!
I don't think that they can legally stop him from handing out cards and talking to people as long as he's not creating a disturbance. It probably has more to do with "hey that's the guy that wants the LEO charged for the unsafe gun discharge is out there". Give em' hell LTB45!

Rip, how are they registering the magazines? That seems so ridiculous.

Well, CT is registering guns and magazines. CA is now registering long guns. They already registered hand guns. NJ registers hand guns. NY will soon require a background check to purchase ammo along with the other illegal laws they have. DC residents must reregister all guns every 3 years or be branded a criminal. Of course all of these things are taxed (fee paid to the gov.) If anyone thinks it can't happen in their state, it can.

These numbers aren't adding up. I'm sure even the idiot CT governor can see that. At least he has a list of where to start when he's ready to confiscate.
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said about 25,000 assault weapons had been registered as of last Wednesday. He said 17,000 people have registered high-capacity magazines, some registering as many as 100.
Here's a + for LTB.

Thanks guys!
Talking with one of our attorneys on how we will proceed.
We have a lot on our plate already with the lawsuit against the state already, it will be a committee decision along with our attorneys on how we will respond to this latest attack.
Also since the mags have no serial number, they are technically not being registered. We had to "declare" the number of, and make and also caliber, oh and how many rounds they can hold, of what we had on a list that was notarized.
I may be 4000 miles away , but my thanks goes out to you for fighting this and being on the forefront to protecting our 2A rights! My hat's off to you!

I'm afraid that their real agenda is to nail otherwise law abiding gun owners "after the fact". As in, when a home owner defends themselves with an improperly registered firearm, they will face charges for doing so. :cry: It's bull, and everybody knows it. Of course, when has that ever stopped politicians? Take care. Tom Worthington
I saw a photograph of long lines at the registration point. I am disturbed. Making law abiding persons jump through hoops will not help. I feel for those in CT, from a NY'er.
Those standing in long lines, should also cause long lines come election time.
so they come to your house and say "on 12/3/04 you bought XXXXX" "You need to register that with us or we will arrest you" ?
I don't suppose the answer:"your guess is as good as mine", or "I can't count that high" is an appropriate answer?


I have 5 light brown ones, 7 dark green ones, 1 big fat round one 2 real tall ones, 3 light grey ones that don't work real good and .....


Just for the record, these are not my magazines. I found the picture on the internet. But I still like the picture anyway. :cool:
LTB45 said:
No. The registration date has passed. Can't register now.
I wonder if they will prevent the public from knowing the estimated rate of nonconformance as NY has withheld?

LTB45 said:
Also since the mags have no serial number, they are technically not being registered. We had to "declare" the number of, and make and also caliber, oh and how many rounds they can hold, of what we had on a list that was notarized.
Interesting. Are they now non transferrable? What if they are stolen? Can you loan them out or rent them? It seems like the whole thing is a non-workable cluster f%$#. This was all in the name of Sandyhook...have they said how and what they are trying to prevent (other than an armed uprising)?

I'm with AK on thanking those fighting the fight for the 2A in these states. I have no illusion that it won't be on my doorstep sometime.